Abarth Offshore Sports Car Boat

Abarth Offshore Sports Car Boat

Powerful boat designed to look like a beautiful sports car stands out on the water and attracts attention wherever it goes.

Abarth Offshore Sports Car Boat, unveiled at Top Marques Monaco 2024, is a tribute to Abarth’s 75th anniversary.

Car shaped boat features metallic-green body, 230hp power, and Riva racing exhausts, blending Abarth’s sporty heritage with nautical innovation.

Limited to 500 units, it has ergonomic Besenzoni sports seats, a versatile hood system, and advanced tech for a thrilling sailing experience.

Car Off-shore

Powered by a 230hp engine and equipped with Riva racing exhausts, the Abarth Offshore delivers impressive speed and power.

Sports Car Boat

Inspired by Abarth’s sporty spirit, the Offshore brings the excitement of driving a sports car to the open sea.

Abarth Offshore

The boat’s bold, metallic-green bodywork and dark hazelnut detailing create a stylish and eye-catching look on the water.

Abarth Offshore Top Marques Monaco 2024

Owners have the opportunity to fully customize their sports car boat, from the colors and materials to specific features.

Boat Car

Comfortable seats are mounted on Wave Shock dampened steel support bases, ensuring both comfort and stability even at high speeds.

Onboard entertainment is state-of-the-art, thanks to a Garmin stereo system with RGB LEDs, four Fusion speakers, and a subwoofer.

Car Boat

Get ready to make waves and turn heads with the Abarth Offshore – the ultimate symbol of sporty elegance on the high seas.

Boat Sports Car

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