Beautiful Paper Art

Beautiful Paper Art

American graphic designer Meghan Stratman makes unique art out of paper.

The artist draws much of her inspiration from video games, films, music, comic books, and pop culture.

Poison Ivy

Beautiful Art

Portal Art

Paper Collage


Cosmic Love

Paper Cutout

Layered Paper Art

Princess Mononoke

Paper Art

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  1. Ninja Egg :D

    Princess Mononoke!!!! Woo!!!!! Go her! But anyway these r cool. But that one is the best…. :D

  2. Dan!elle

    Oh my god.The third one is Portal inspired! <3

  3. Mint


  4. MAGIC FARTING HIPPO,wanna fight about it?

    Portal 2 is awesome

  5. KadaL

    i like the trio dancing machine

  6. nidia

    whoooaa…all of those paper arts are bloody amazing… :D

  7. Kristina

    Love the Portal design. You never get a good look at her face until now. Very cool.

  8. lolita

    Princess Mononoke is awesome!

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