Beautiful and Creative Food Art Creations

Beautiful and Creative Food Art Creations

Beautiful and creative food art creations from all over the world.

Wall-E Bento [link]

Wall-E Bento

Nike Air Max 90 Burger [link]

Nike Air Max 90 Burger

Nikon D700 DSLR Cake [link]

Nikon D700 DSLR Cake

Apple Pie [link]

Apple Pie

Rayman Raving Rabbids Bento [link]

Rayman Raving Rabbids Bento

Bacon Briefcase [link]

Bacon Briefcase

Sideshow Bob Food Carving [link]

Sideshow Bob Food Carving

Mac Mini Cake [link]

Mac Mini Cake

Ninja Turtles Cupcake [link]

Ninja Turtles Cupcake

Sushi Art [link]

Sushi Art

Sushi Art 2

iPhone Cake [link]

iPhone Cake

iPhone App Cupcakes [link]

iPhone App Cupcakes

Latte Coffee Art [link]

Latte Coffee Art

Latte Coffee Art 2

Latte Coffee Art 3

Moving Cupcakes [link]

Moving Cupcakes

Laptop Cake [link]

Laptop Cake

Laptop Cake 2

Snoopy Snack Bento [link]

Snoopy Snack Bento

Tire Cake [link]

Tire Cake

Jaws Bento [link]

Jaws Bento

Apple on Apple [link]

Apple on Apple

Apple on Apple 2

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  1. mehmehmeh

    the laptop cake even has a headphone jack!

  2. Takashi Kusuma

    dang that’s awesome

  3. Kate

    That laptop cake is awesome. I wonder how many hours to make that cake.

  4. Yunus Toprak


  5. Michal

    That freakin apple everywhere.

  6. summer

    THe apples and the rabbit are awsomw!!! @_@

  7. EnG.ShoOsh


  8. dhyfrs


  9. Mniya

    awsome work!

  10. m

    MAMA MIA!!!!

  11. Rafael

    was it supported by Apple?

    I can’t eat that… such a hard work to get it done

  12. Jacqueline

    I read this link in the kidsweek… How else did the same??

  13. Mister W.

    i also got this link from the KidsWeek…

    Awesome creatures LOLZ :P

  14. joopi1

    my pet chimp would hoot with delight when he saw these

  15. Sophie

    I also got the Kidsweek link. It’s quite funny, especially the laptop and the iPhone. I wonder if apple supported this stuff…

  16. Karlalu

    These are too adorable!!

  17. amanhem

    its delicious, and i am so hungry :)
    i wanna eat apple macbook.

  18. sander

    hungryy x_X

  19. Enrico

    wew, it’s nice cake…

  20. Luke baka !

    l0l dat food is too g00d !!

  21. alay

    The Nikon cake looks so tasty, gotta love the rabbids bento, but the Nike burger shoe, and the bacon brief case makes me want to hurl.

  22. Kishore

    Great work here, i want to see more work like that.

  23. Carol

    wow! its really cool! haha…
    wish can eat all these~ haha

  24. lei

    . . .the food look very tasty.

  25. Yogini

    wow.. real artists!!! I would not dare eating that laptop cake!! just keep on admiring

  26. Brighid Sandack

    that is SO awesome!!!!LOL!!! But my favorite one is the box, sharpie, scissors, and knife cupcakes. Out of those, the sharpie is my fav! LOL!!!!! DONT EAT THAT CUPCAKE!!!

  27. jeshika

    it’s great

  28. pallavi

    lovely !!!!!!!

  29. jamaica

    i like it..

  30. sasahara

    I like all of them.

  31. Judith


  32. Justine

    I can only say wow to……………EVERYTHING!

  33. shalini neeraj

    i want to eat laptop right now.

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