Tiny Apartment in Paris

Tiny Apartment in Paris

Unused space under the roof of a building in Paris, France was converted into a 170 square foot apartment by talented French architect Sylvie Cahen.

Modern studio apartment is filled with custom designed furniture. Large windows provide natural light.

Renovated attic has been transformed into a living space for a student.

Living in the Attic


Apartment in Paris

Loft Apartment


Attic Apartment


Small Apartment in Paris

Living Room

Loft Apartment in Paris


Apartment by Sylvie Cahen

Attic Apartment in Paris

Studio Apartment in Paris

Sylvie Cahen

Living in an Attic

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  1. Jimmy

    This actually looks rather practical and high standard for a uni student. If the price for rent was reasonable I’m sure this apartment design would fit all. Size doesn’t matter as long as it keeps functionality in mind.

  2. shadow


  3. rael

    Well done, beautiful and with style. But: it’s such a constricted room, I can hardly breathe by just looking at the Pictures.

  4. Joe

    Nice, hobbits and midgets are welcome, not recommended for basketball players ;)

  5. Betty

    I’d live there in a heart beat!

  6. Rudy

    Very nice design, but I am a bit concerned about the comfort in the summer. Under roof rooms tend to get very hot during the sunny days.

  7. Gert

    Anyone besides me notice there is no place to put any cloths?

  8. Patrick

    I wonder how short the girl is.
    I suspect it would be in violation of US building codes requiring 7 foot clear height.

  9. K

    Looks nicer than my 900 sq ft apartment! Super functional, modern, and I love the amount of natural light from the sky lights. Great, well designed space.

  10. Ru

    Great for me, I’m only 158cm tall! Not so great for tall boyfriends though haha

  11. daffy

    Sorry, I have Claustrophobia.

  12. Jimberoni


    Anyone besides me notice there is no place to put any cloths?”

    There are cabinets across from the bed at the bedroom end, to the left of the window. They can be seen in the “living room” photo.

  13. Paul

    I’d take it in a heartbeat— it’s chic, clean design, elegant and efficient.

  14. Aanel

    In the 19th century (and even 20th century) we would have called this a garret.

  15. Schmavis

    No closet, No couch, No TV! No Thanks.

  16. Rob

    My knees hurt looking at those pics. That’s how I would be getting around in there. Maybe a stool with wheels.

  17. Swiper Fox

    Wearing a helmet or a turban is a must at this place.

  18. Adam P.

    Wonderfully designed space! Very economical architectural solution. I agree, must be a bit of a challenge for the tall ones, but I guess any student would be willing to put up with much worse if only he could live in such a place. Those rough beams are great in combination with the sleek looking furniture.

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