Paper Clip Inspired Products and Designs

Paper Clip Inspired Products and Designs

Creative products and designs inspired by the form of a regular paper clip.

Paper Clip Hanger

Creative coat hanger by talented designer Jaehyung Hong.

Paper Clip Hanger

PaperClip Hanger

Clip C2 Paper Clip Chair

The Clip C2 chair was inspired by a simple folding sequence of a metal paper clip.

Clip C2 Paper Clip Chair

Clip C2 PaperClip Chair

Paper Clip Wall Hook

The Big Clip is made from solid 10mm chrome plated steel rod, measures 28cm, attaches to the wall making a fantastic coat hook, magazine rack, door stop, or simply icon of abstract art.

Paper Clip Wall Hook

Paper Clip Shaped Heaters

Graffe heaters by Scirocco are made from steel pipe and bent into a paper clip shape.

Paper Clip Shaped Heaters

Paper Clip Heaters

Heart Shaped Paper Clips

Learn how to bend regular paper clips into little heart shapes.

Heart Shaped Paper Clips

Heart Shaped Paper Clip

Paper Clip Chair

Super portable chair with paper clip lightness can be hung on the wall.

Paper Clip Chair

Paperclip Money Clip

Paper clip-shaped money clip is a lighthearted way to keep your cash and credit cards organized.

Paperclip Money Clip

Alphabetical Paperclips

Lettered paperclips can be used to file documents alphabetically or linked to form words.

Alphabetical Paperclips by Stephen Reed

Alphabetical Paperclips by Stephen Reed 2

Eskimo Towelclip Radiator

Simple and iconic, the Towelclip transforms the traditional radiator into a tribute to industrial elegance.

Eskimo Towelclip Radiator

Skrepkus Paper Clip

Skrepkus is three times prettier and three times more convenient than an ordinary paper clip.

Skrepkus Paper Clip

Paperclip Lamp

LED paperclip lamp designed by David Wykes and Ben Collette.

Paperclip Lamp

Paperclip Lamp 4

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  1. navin

    crazy work/innovation!

  2. zen

    great design inspiration actually

  3. Crowley

    Very Nice!!!!!!!

  4. Klome


  5. Jaqi Mugo

    The lamp and the hangers are my favourite, but top on my list are those sweet love shaped heart paperclips. Aww, so charming!

  6. Michael Coyne

    love the lamp

  7. Beezy

    love the C2 paper clip chair
    the towel rack
    the lamp

    very cool.

  8. nanimo

    the last one is impressive

  9. PRand

    glad i dropped by. fun and comprehensive.

  10. Designer515

    So creative, I need things like this to freshen my days. It can become quite tic toc without some good noodle food. Glad I found this, thanks M.B.

    J Smith

  11. Filipe

    Some Portuguese coment:

    Muito bom mesmo, estão de parabéns!

    In English:

    It’s very good, congratulations!

  12. Vincent

    Great design~!

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