Beautiful Table Lamps Collection

Beautiful Table Lamps

Spice up your home with one of these beautiful and creative table lamps.

KOENIG Table Lamp

Designed by Michael Koenig, KOENIG Table Lamp provides more than 500 lux on the table surface and uses only 20W. You can also use it as a small table placed on the floor. It provides perfect ambient light.

KOENIG Table Lamp

White Noise Lamp

The White Noise Lamp is designed as a furniture piece for the ill and elderly who find themselves in the unfamiliar and predominantly sterile surroundings of a medical institution.

The concept is that warm diffuse lighting and white noise can help relax the patient. The aesthete of the piece is designed to counterbalance the sterility of surrounding environment and provide a more homely atmosphere.

White Noise Lamp

White Noise Lamp 2

White Noise Lamp 3

Paperclip Lamp

When is a paperclip not a paperclip? When it’s a LED lamp by Teague, of course. As the ubiquitous paperclip lends itself to being picked up and bent, the designers of this lamp, Ben Collette and David Wykes, applied the same tactile approach to the structure of the lamp.

Paperclip Lamp

Paperclip Lamp 2

Paperclip Lamp 3

Paperclip Lamp 4

“Dishlamp” Lamp

Lamp made from plates by Denis Belenko and Dmitriy Nkolaenko.

Dishlamp Lamp

Dishlamp Lamp 2

Dishlamp Lamp 3

Mico Lamp

This cute and funky table lamp – the Mico from Martinelliluce – embraces fashion whilst retaining a simple, uncluttered form. With a large, eye-catching meth-acrylate opal white shade, the lamp appeals to minimalists. However, the Mico conceals hidden extras… the underside of the shade is brightly colored in red or blue and punctuated by a smattering of holes.

Mico Lamp

Mico Lamp 2

Creative Lamp Designs

BettyLou Lamp

Create an intimate candle-lit atmosphere by placing this cordless rechargeable lamp on your favorite wine glass – it shines for over seven hours. BettyLou produces a warm, bright, beautiful, and safe light.

The lamp is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is lit by one of the world’s most efficient LEDs. Heat generated by the LED is efficiently dissipated over the surface of the anodized aluminum handle.

BettyLou Lamp

BettyLou Lamp 2

BettyLou Lamp 3

BettyLou Lamp 4

MYBrain Lamp

A replica of the designer’s brain, originated from an MR scan at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The image was processed through a 3D-printer, and became this unusual lamp shade design.

MYBrain Lamp

Memento Lamp

The “Memento” Lamp by Hiroshi Yoneya and Yumi Masuko.

Memento Lamp

Memento Lamp 2

Memento Lamp 3

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