12 Stylish Modern Table Designs

12 Stylish Modern Table Designs

Collection of modern tables and contemporary table designs that will look great in any living room.

SliceBox Table

Beautiful modern coffee table design by Decode London.

SliceBox Table

Agua Table

At first glance, the table by Brazilian designer Domingos Tótora appears to be made of rocks, but it is actually cardboard.

Agua Table

Modern Dining Table

Sleek, chic and elegant modern dining table from Com.p.ar.

Modern Dining Table


Modern table with hexagonal form and round shapes designed by Stephan Wootton.


Ripple Table

Produced by artist Lee J Rowland, the contoured table top is the result of an arduous CNC 3D machining process followed by lap polishing, a technique responsible for some of the most perfect finishes on the planet.

Ripple Table

LED Table

The Ripple is an interactive LED coffee table that respond to your movements.

LED Table

Caesar Stone Table

Unique table with storage compartment designed by Pedro Gomes for the Caesarstone Design Competition.

Caesar Stone Table

Concerto Table

Piano inspired table by Nick Lovegrove and Demian Repucci includes an iPod dock with speakers under the lid and a drawer for cutlery.

Concerto Table

Piano Table

Indoor Grass Table

This one of kind coffee table is all wood and features a center opening where grass grows through the table.

Indoor Grass Table

X29 Table

Contemporary glass table design by Romain Duclos.

X29 Table

Tetra Table

Coffee table designed by Bernard Vuarnesson comes with 4 pull out shelves that add significant capacity to the table.

Tetra Table

“Table” Table

Literal interpretation of a table by Toshinori Kamiya of Kamiya Design.

Table Table

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  1. Karen

    the ripple table is very cool :D i would totally buy the concerto table!

  2. unDave™

    Woha! Pretty nice indeed, some of them are just plain dumb and other simple, but nice overall!

    Nice work!

    -by unDave™

  3. Karin Stewart

    Very great creative ideas. Some are nicely way out of the box!

  4. Jehzeel Laurente

    I love the X29 Table! It’s just soooo awesome!

  5. Oddie

    Great design . . . . i like the FUKU/TTON also the modern dining . . . so sleek :D

  6. Kate

    Piano table is wonderfull. I’d buy it!

  7. Peter Ong

    I love the Ripple table, finishing is amazing!

  8. Binc

    The “table”table looks weird. I love the FUKU/TTON and the aqua table ;)

  9. Tom

    Loved the FUKU/TTON one :D

  10. Fresh

    Very much a fan of the fuku/tton table. the ripple table is amazing and very aesthetically pleasing. But the one I want for my home is the indoor grass table…so Zenish. It will improve my feng shui.

  11. ics

    the ripple one has 265kg and it costs 44,500pounds. it’s over 7meters long.

  12. bluemontoya

    These are awesome looking designs! reminds me of 2001 space oddysey movie.

  13. jardek

    Great designs :)

  14. anna

    i like the Ripple Table

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