Small House for One Person

Small House for One Person

Dr. Mike Page and his team have designed a compact house in which one person could live comfortably with a minimum impact on the environment.

Solar powered 3x3x3 metre house comes with a table, two chairs, small double bed, full-size shower, small kitchen, and a composting toilet.

Compact House

Modern House

The Cube Project

Cube House

For more creative house designs, check out: Tiny House by Jay Shafer

  1. shante


    p.s. i want one

  2. Lizzy Marquez

    I want one too!

  3. D.

    So this is where the Forever Alone guy lives…

  4. Modhawk

    This could be a backyard guest house for one. Or an office!

  5. Zoey

    what Lizzy said!

  6. Erin Maree

    Great idea maybe they could make one for two people just make it a bit bigger? :) I must get one and put it in my backyard I can already think of a many uses already :)

  7. Mark

    I think a lot of you are missing the point. The house is designed to reduce energy usage and damage to the environment- it’s not a little hideaway for you to use as an office or a guesthouse in your back yard.

  8. Margaret


  9. Kev

    Omg…………lol I can fit that house in my room =X lol

  10. Svetlina

    Now imagine how a boy brings his date in this “house” – she`s had a glass of wine, she`s wearing heels and a tight dress. They`ll never reach base 2 :) Never :)

  11. Skylla

    but, but…. it’s not a cube!

  12. Danyell

    Wow. That would make me want to kill myself.

  13. Josh

    I’m not even joking; I want that house. I would seriously love to live in one of them.

  14. La

    The bed is just 4 feet? How could you sleep on that without in a fetal position?

  15. ics

    so you have a tiny sofa near a big, generous, king-size flatscreen. and in the so called kitchen you’l find the sink right near the gas cooker. that’s just wrong.

  16. Dingbat

    “Minimum impact on the environment”. The never ending mantra. So boring. Why not just kill off all of mankind instead? I hink it’s time and energy wasted, therefore, not cool.

  17. Ben

    Just for sleeping and eating, I guess it’s ok, but living ?

  18. anyaie

    a total waste,
    concept, idea, etc.
    tree house anyone?

  19. Tri Ari Handoko

    cool, should be possible to applied in vertical building

  20. Richard

    “Exist in” would be more accurate than “live comfortably in”!

  21. Gert

    They already have these… it’s called a trailer and they have whole parks of them where I come from.

  22. Justin

    aka an apartment in ny

  23. Terry

    Geri, It’s called a “Mobil Home” and I agree!

  24. Mohammed

    how much you want for that house ?

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