12 Unusual and Creative Tables

12 Unusual and Creative Tables

This post showcases unusual coffee tables and innovative table designs.

House of Cards Table

Creative table designed by Brazilian architect Mauricio Arruda.

House of Cards Table

Walking Table

When pushed, this innovative table mimics natural walking motions.

Planter Table

Unique table with removable planter that can hold variety of plants.

Planter Table

Library Table

Exhibi table has storage compartments for books and magazines.

Library Table

Wine Table

Coffee table where recycled wine bottles are used as table legs.

Wine Table

Loop Table

Unique coffee table inspired by the spiral shape of roller coasters.

Loop Table

iPhone Table

Cool table allows you to control an iPhone with a large touchscreen.

iPhone Table

Triangle Table

Orea coffee table designed by Svilen Gamolov from Bulgari.

Triangle Table

Fault Line Table

Oak wood table inspired by the tectonic fault that lies between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate.

Fault Line Table

Aquarium Table

Beautiful coffee table comes with large built in aquarium.

Aquarium Table

iPad Table

Salsa table features seating for four people along with four iPads.

iPad Table

Nook Table

Coffee table with integrated bookshelf designed by David Pickett.

Nook Coffee Table

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  1. woops

    Nook table has my vote

  2. Bob

    Aquarium table FTW

  3. Truthiness

    I would like to have seen a capstan table on the list.

  4. EugiKo

    walking table? seriously?

  5. AdmiralAnchovie

    nook table is the most tastefully designed and best.

  6. Savitha

    Love the nook table !

  7. Betty

    I’d be afraid that I’d take out my ankles on the nook table coming and going from the sofa–looks dangerous.
    I LOVE the planter table! That has some fantastic possibilities.
    Ipod table to absolutely awesome!

  8. chazzzz

    I want … I need … the ipod table, love all of them but … ipod table is awesome !!!!

  9. ran

    i dunno why…but i love the planter table….seems i can feel the natural side in the house

  10. Reilly

    Nook table, fault line table, triangle table: sexy.
    I also like the iPhone table,

  11. Ti @ Cafe

    The walking table is absolutely amazing. It is also very nice to have if you need to move a table by yourself.

  12. Thanatos

    I like the walking table it reminds me of howl’s moving castle, the way it walks. :D

  13. Manpreet

    I absolutely love all of these!
    Especially the iPhone Table, super cool :)

  14. Van

    impressive, all of them. whats the deal with the pics of arnold schwartzenegger and sylvester stalone in the ippod table vid?

  15. Mapache

    Mom won’t let me have pets at home, but walking table is the solution.

  16. Sarah Farrukh

    Cool idea of green grass

  17. Masha

    Ipod table…


  18. alexander

    i wanna buy the Loop Table :D

  19. Doink

    Indeed, loop table was my choice too, but i wouldn’t really mind having any of these at home :D

  20. Caroline O. Pereira

    Adorei as mesas = )

  21. gifi

    iPhone Table for sure, too bad i only have iPod touch :(

  22. Pete

    Don’t lean against the side of the iPhone table, or you call will hang up ;)

  23. Amber

    The walking table reminds me of a spider..or a crab, but it’s a great solution to moving furniture around by yourself.

  24. fernando lopez

    very interesting designs

  25. Ajay

    outstanding collection .

    Walking Table is Marvelous …. no ? about it.

    – may god bless you.

  26. Joy

    i want the iPhone table, its so cool

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