Animal Eyes

Animal Eyes

Close up photos of animal eyes by talented photographer Suren Manvelyan.

Do not worry, no animals were harmed during this unique photo session.









Albino Python

Albino Python

Tiger Python


Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit

Husky Dog

Husky Dog



For more inspiration, check out: Amazing Photos of Human Eyes

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  1. diego

    omg the horse’s eyes was amazing! now I prove what my teacher said once. The eye is a hole!

  2. DV

    Amazing!! Shows the beautiful detail hidden in each animal, detail I often overlook. Thank you for posting!

  3. michelle

    WOW! Absolutely amazing photography!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ninja Egg :D

    BRILLIANT!!!! These look amazing! So much detail. Beautiful. They should do it with human eyes. That’d be cool to see…

  5. bananaman

    This has been done with human eyes, and has also been posted on this site. here you go

  6. Josh

    I’ve seen human eyes before, but these are just incredible! They still look like human eyes, but they look so different!

  7. Dominic


  8. chelsea_fc

    “Righto, just hold that crocodile’s head still…”

  9. David

    Wow… i have never seen an eye with such detail, scary yet beautiful

  10. Kirvi_Inci

    Interesting how the rabbit looks so close to a human eye.

  11. Kirush

    totally amazing….

  12. Zake

    Wow, all of eyes so wonderfull..

  13. Libeerian

    I only have eyes for ewe.

  14. Katie

    Gorgeous! I can think of a dozen other animals I’d like to see photographed like this, these are all so amazing.

  15. Dave!


  16. Leonie


  17. woops

    Really unique! Nice find, Toxel!

    Also, does anyone see the horse eye as an oasis in a cliffside of a desert?

  18. Genevieve

    very wild!

  19. Art of Concept

    Stunning captures! Great work!

  20. Ana Laura

    @woops i was thinking the same for the horse eye!!! i mean if you look to them, you’ll see that they look like a photo taken from an helicopter to a place on Earth, God is a genious.

  21. KadaL

    cool, hyena eyes was great but the light reflection was too much. but still the croc’s eye is the winner….

  22. Juliee

    This is breathtakingly awesome. I love the Crocodile and the Husky eyes. These are amazing.

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