Close Up Photos of Spiders

Close Up Photos of Spiders

Beautiful photos of deadly spiders captured using a macro lens by talented photographer Jimmy Kong.

Macro photography allows us to see the faces of different kinds of spiders.

Spider Photography

Macro Photos of Spiders


Beautiful Photos of Spiders

Photos of Spiders

Jimmy Kong

Macro Photography

Amazing Photos of Spiders

Photographer Jimmy Kong

Jimmy Kong Spiders

Beautiful Spiders

Jimmy Kong Photography

Jimmy Kong Spider

Spiders by Jimmy Kong

CloseUp Photos of Spiders


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  1. Sr. F

    *smash* *smash*

  2. thais

    this is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen!!

  3. Ashe

    I almost smacked my computer when the photo popped up.

  4. kadal

    kill it….kill it with fire…before they lay eggs…!!!

  5. Betty

    These critters are quite beautiful.

  6. erynne

    Amazing how beautiful these creatures are when you see them up close….. Oh wait… OMG, SPIDER!!!!!!!

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