Rozetkus 3D Power Socket

Rozetkus 3D Power Socket

Rozetkus 3D power socket, designed by Art Lebedev Studio, neatly hides inside the wall until you need to connect more devices.

With a simple push of a button, this modern electrical outlet turns into a convenient 5-plug wall socket.

Rozetkus Power Socket

Rozetkus 3D Socket

3D Power Socket

Rozetkus 5 Plug Socket

5 Plug Socket

Rozetkus Power Socket

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  1. Final

    nice but how about 3 pins?

  2. Surprise

    Nifty design, but how ever will i plug in my microwave oven? its got a 3 prong power cord. :(

  3. Megan

    Great space saving idea for people in small apartments.

  4. Donny Kurnia

    The socket looks same with in my country (2 hole, ground on the side). It’s EU standard. I think for other plug type (US for example), will need converter.

  5. alex

    this is made for european or middle eastern type plugs, not american. i’m sure that if they wanted to release it here, they might change the pins for you guys.

  6. Factopo

    These do look futuristic.

  7. Jamshed

    cool dude!

  8. Roland

    Nice design, saw this about two weeks ago on Art Lebedev Studio website. Very cool idea and again – so simple :)
    I think, that they will release american version also in future. They have a mailbox in NY, so just write them a message about Rozetkus :)

    By the way, Rozetkus is not the only one cool thing from their studio :)

  9. Critical Eye

    Neat, but why is there a big open space in the center? How does this improve upon existing electrical outlet designs (besides looking unique)?

  10. Hristo

    I like art Lebedev’s all stuff, another nice toy!! respect !

  11. Karin Stewart

    What the heck am I looking at????

  12. Ali

    Nice nice nice

  13. KitsuneCC

    Wow, I agree, it´s a very clever idea for space saving, good design.

  14. Simplicity??

    How does this save any space?

  15. gekas320

    nothing special :(

    this idea from early 70’s in USSR …

  16. roy snoad

    good idea but no good in the uk

  17. Dwindle

    Countries like the UK use old fashioned AC, which does not have a “neutral” prong like the US, so there is never a third prong. Instead, they use insanely high voltages, distributed by plugs the size and shape of gardening tools. This cube allows three different devices to be used in the same building at the same time, provided the absurdly over sized plugs can make it through the front door.

  18. Dwindle

    For those that don’t get the concept, the entire cube can rest inside the wall and be a single outlet, or it can pop out and power 5 things at once.

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