LEGO Superheroes

LEGO Superheroes

Andrew Becraft created a series of custom LEGO minifigures that look like famous superheroes from Marvel and DC comic books.

Just in time for the Avengers movie, check out: “Minifigs with Superpowers”


Superman Minifig

LEGO Superman

Professor X

LEGO Professor X


LEGO Magneto


LEGO Wolverine

Wolverine Minifig



The Incredible Hulk

LEGO Incredible Hulk

Captain America

LEGO Captain America

Iron Man

LEGO Iron Man



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  1. Niyari

    Pretty sure comic book stores sell lego superhero figures….

  2. Andy

    Sorry – this isnt as impressive as a lot of other things… Captain America’s sheild is wrong… and Superman doesn’t even have an S on him…

  3. Jordan

    LEGO have just released both Marvel and DC LEGO sets, so there are proper LEGO Superhero minifigures.

  4. bryant

    hulk looks like a zombie

    by the way, avengers was AWESOME

  5. Colin

  6. Mark

    And where is Batman? Catwoman? Wonderwoman?

  7. Lilia Smiles

    The hulk looks a little wimpy in lego form

  8. Nisa Zul

    so cute… love them

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