Dogs Made of Bicycle Chains

Dogs Made of Bicycle Chains

Unique sculptures of adorable dogs created by talented artist Nirit Levav out of recycled bicycle chains.

Cute dogs are made out of chains, pedals, gears, and other bicycle parts.

Dog Made of Bicycle Parts

Dog Sculpture Made of Bicycle Parts

Bicycle Chain Dog

Bicycle Chain Dog Sculptures

Bicycle Chain Dog by Nirit Levav

Dogs Made of Bicycle Parts

Dog Made of Bicycle Chains

Bicycle Chain Dog Sculptures by Nirit Levav

Dog Sculpture Made of Bicycle Chains

Recycled Bicycle Chain Dogs

Nirit Levav

Bicycle Chain Dog Sculpture

Bicycle Chain Dogs

Bicycle Chain Dogs by Nirit Levav

Dog Sculptures Made of Bicycle Chains

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  1. Nido

    So cute! ^_^

  2. Jimbo

    very cool. no need for a leash.

  3. Libeerian

    Very interesting.
    Here’s a U.S. artist who makes lifesize dogs out of old plumbing fixtures: and video here:

  4. Karen

    This is so ingenious!

  5. lavazza


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