Shark Sleeping Bag

Shark Sleeping Bag

Creative sleeping bag designed by Kendra Phillips looks like a scary shark.

Handmade out of soft materials, Chumbuddy 2 shark sleeping bag is extremely warm and comfortable. Great conversation starter!

Chumbuddy 2 Shark Sleeping Bag

Chumbuddy Shark Sleeping Bag

Shark Inspired Sleeping Bag

Chumbuddy2 Shark Sleeping Bag



Chumbuddy 2

Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag

Shark Shaped Sleeping Bag

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  1. Julia

    love it.

  2. Erwin

    Bite it!

  3. Shu-hsuan

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  4. Najam

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  5. SY

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  6. g9Ukt

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  7. Gert

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  8. cole

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  10. Daniel Nielsen

    LOVE. IT.

  11. Osman

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  13. Goob

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  14. alek

    the comments are better than the sleeping bag, ahaha !
    DE shame on you…

  15. verdenel

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  16. davide

    need it

  17. jake

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  18. bebert

    kebab it

  19. Enrico Martinez

    Old news. Already seen sleeping bag shark.
    Please look within “sleeping bags”
    just beside the “camping tents”
    of the FEATURED POSTS on the upper right
    of this page.

  20. Siana

    ^ once again the chain is ruined

  21. Shushi

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  28. ana

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  29. Tommy

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  30. Tony Garrett

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  31. rob

    Taste it

  32. Daniel Nielsen

    Must. Have. It. Now!!

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