Sandwich Bag Art

Sandwich Bag Art

American designer and illustrator David LaFerriere makes delicious lunch meals for his kids and draws unique artworks on sandwich bags.

Every day, children eat their lunch at school and smile when they see the new sandwich bag artwork that was hand drawn by their father.

Wonderful and creative drawings brighten up their day.

Talented artist and loving dad started drawing on sandwich bags in 2008 and he has been doing it ever since. [1,100+ drawings]

Sandwich Art

Lunch Bag Art

Sandwich Bag Art by David Laferriere

Lunch Bag Drawings by David Laferriere

Sandwich Bag Drawings

Sandwich Bag

Lunch Bag Drawings

Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag Art by David Laferriere

Sandwich Bag Drawings

David Laferriere

Sandwich Bag Drawings by David Laferriere

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  1. Gert

    Cool, wonder which markers he’s using so they don’t smear?

  2. Betty

    Very cool! I gotta wonder where he gets the time to do these and take a picture of them too…he must also be organized.

  3. Pearl Lamie

    Love it! Wish i had the time!

  4. Ru

    It’s really cool from the point of view of a daily creative exercise, but seeing them all photographed just makes me think about how much plastic is getting thrown away. You can buy these really cool reusable sandwich wrappers now which fold down to nothing and are light, unlike a rigid sandwich box. Okay, so you don’t get the daily doodle, but maybe you could draw one on a post-it instead?

  5. Maria

    Wow! I love it. I will try to make it for my son.

  6. David Laferriere

    I use Sharpie markers for the drawings. A silver Sharpie is used for white.
    I am not that organized, I just can get my idea and draw fast. They are not meant to be finished drawings. Just fun things for me to do for my kids.

  7. blub


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