Soft Drink Cakes

Soft Drink Cakes

Unusual cakes designed by Andres Fatso look like realistic soft drink bottles.

Edible Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite bottles made of Nutella and matcha.

Andres Fatso Soft Drink Cakes

Andres Fatso Soda Cakes

Soft Drink Cake

Sprite Cake

Coca-Cola Cake

Soda Cake

Andres Fatso Cakes

Andres Fatso

Soda Cakes

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Gift Ideas
  1. Noni

    Guacamole cake?

  2. Alba

    All you have to do is cut a bottle onto 2, then make it as mold place.

  3. Kiko

    Andrea FATSO – made me laugh. Lovely cakes!

  4. Jose sanchez

    it’s so obvious how they do it…just fill a bottle with cake batter and bake itduh!

  5. Zaher Sahyoun

    cool … i like

  6. Gert

    José if they did that the bottle woukd melt all over the oven. You don’t use a kitchen much do you. Lol

    That said to a baker yes it is very obvious how they did it by making a mold of the bottle, lining it with fondant and butter cream then adding circles of cake and pressing back together. Cute simple idea.

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