12 Stylish and Creative Wall Clocks

12 Stylish and Creative Wall Clocks

Collection of beautiful modern wall clocks and unique clock designs that will look great on any wall in your home.

Redundant Wall Clock

This is a redundant wall clock and this is a redundant description.

Redundant Wall Clock

Aspiral Wall Clock

The spiral face of this innovative wall clock turns slowly over twelve hour period. The red ball rests on the spiral ledge; as the spiral turns it travels along the ledge to the middle. At the 12th hour it drops through the hole and the process repeats itself.

Mystic Wall Clock

The frosted glass front reveals elaborate Victorian hands on this modern aluminum wall clock.

Mystic Wall Clock

Bubble Wall Clock

The hour, minute and seconds hands elegantly wrap around the body of the clock, thus bending time and space.

Bubble Wall Clock

Oblong Gear Wall Clock

Modern clock features a column of exposed, rotating gears with an hour-marked strip of glass which also protects curious fingers.

Oblong Gear Wall Clock

LED Wall Clock

By rapidly spinning a blade that contains an array of flashing LEDs, this wall clock tells time in a visually striking way.

LED Wall Clock

Apple iBook Wall Clock

Cool wall clock made from recycled Mac G4 iBook case, complete with Apple mouse utilized as a working pendulum bob.

Apple iBook Wall Clock

Flop Wall Clock

Clock which appears to be peeling off any wall it is attached to.

Flop Wall Clock

Insert Wall Clock

Unique clock has a slice cut from one side that creates a flat edge for easy hanging on the wall.

Insert Wall Clock

Bike Chain Wall Clock

Unusual wall clock made from Apple iMac software restore disk and recycled bicycle parts.

Bike Chain Wall Clock

Geek Wall Clock

Creative wall clock where all the numerals have been replaced with math formulas.

Geek Wall Clock

Cuckoo Wall Clock

Modern Cuckoo [digital or analogue] wall clock made from plywood.

Cuckoo Wall Clock

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  1. Stephanie Horn

    I love the Redundant clock and the Flop Wall Clock. Both simple and beautiful.

    But the Redundant clock is just such a great idea! Wish I had thought of it :)

  2. ajayjshah

    I need to get a new clock too. Really like one I saw in an older post, on here…Toxel.

    It was kind of like a chalk/dry erase board with hands. Pretty neat concept because you can doodle on them to make it your own. If you get bored of it, just erase and change it up.

  3. Megan

    Aspiral wall clock is very cool, finally some innovation in clock designs.

  4. Tom

    I watched the Aspiral clock video for 4 minutes to see it drop trough the hole, and it got cut short! very annoying, very cool clock though :)

  5. RenOndska

    Don’t forget this clock – http://www.flickr.com/photos/septemberindustry/3073261207/

    Would LOVE to buy it.. but can’t find it anywhere!

  6. Archatas

    I like the Insert Wall Clocks and would like to have one at home :)

  7. txl kid

    i agree with tom what a ripoff

  8. Molly

    Ha, I did the same thing, Tom! Very cool post.

  9. Elena

    Wall clock with math formulas is wonderfull, i’d like to buy this clock as a gift for my boyfriend.

  10. JC

    Wested my 4 minutes for staring at the Aspiral clock and didnt see the ball drop ball drop into the hole!!!

  11. Fresh

    the aspiral clock is very interesting

  12. Chad

    Bike chain looks cool, sans the apple advertisement.

  13. Karin L.

    Very Unusual

  14. Shayan

    Bike Chain Clock Is The Best

  15. Allford + Trotman

    I agree, I LOVE the Bike Chain Clock. It’s the best of the bunch.

  16. Reilly

    Love the MacBook / Mighty Mouse one.

  17. Leigh

    I think that the Bubble Clox are definitely the coolest i have ever seen. Coz it is not flat like every other clock, i love the ‘ Insert wall clock’ & ‘ Aspiral Clock ‘ too but for sheer simplicity & originality the Bubble Clox wins the prize!

    The ‘ Bike Chain Clock ‘ is ok but not the most original or unique, i have seen many variations of that from the ‘buzz saw blade’ to the ‘drum brake’ & the ‘bicycle cog’

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