12 Cool and Unusual Bicycles

12 Cool and Unusual Bicycles

The most unusual bicycles and cool bike designs from all over the world.

Skeleton Bicycle

Creative and somewhat scary bicycle designed by Eric Tryon.

Skeleton Bicycle

Pi Cycle

Electric bike from San Francisco-based manufacturer Electrobike.

Pi Cycle


Bicycle created with a sustainable and responsible design vision.


Hula Bike

Instead of a conventional drivetrain, the HulaBike uses an eccentrically laced rear wheel. Because the hub is offset from the centre of the rim, the bike can be propelled by hopping up and down with the right rhythm.

Hula Bike

Water Bike

HydroBike is fast and quiet way of traveling on water during summer.

Water Bike

Full Circle Bicycle

Folding bike with no chain by Sanghyun Jeong and Jun-tae Park.

Full Circle Bicycle

Big Bike

Four person bicycle with four wheels and cool flame effects.

Unique Tricycle

Creative tricycle designed by Sergio Garcia from Dallas, Texas.

Unique Tricycle

Couch Bike

Regular sofa transformed into a comfortable two person bicycle. [more]

Couch Bike

Bicycle with a Roof

Cool bike designed by Torkel Dohmers comes with a clear roof.

Bicycle with a Roof

Hubless Bicycle

Custom bike with hubless wheels designed by Karl Kammerzell.

Transportation Bicycle

Camioncyclette was designed to carry loads of up to 150 kg.

Transportation Bicycle

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  1. Mike

    I like the unique tricycle. I hope the leg on the skeleton bike is the kick stand!

  2. Mapache

    Oh yeah, that cargo bike can carry 150kg. But, how bout the man who’s driving?

    I want a bamboocycle

  3. Sharyn

    I’ve always thought the world was lacking a bicycle with flame effects… Although I’m not too sure I’d like them setting fire to the trees and barbecuing birds as I ride past

  4. Crazy Scientist jr.

    bamboo good. picycle good. transportation good. bicycle with roof nearly as good. water bike good for amusement, but no use for else. skeleton only good for halloween. Big bike is just for show. that bicycle sofa is just for lazy people who does not want to raise their ass from sofa. when using hula bike what you do when you get tired? just drop off? hubless need a little more of rethinking. Guy driving it had hard time to get it move. that full circle bike… i don’t know. haven’t there been another one with nearly same idea? and last, that tricycle. Why it’s so hard to make just normal trcycle?

  5. Jaqi Mugo

    I love these! Conventional stuff can get boring, people should buy these just to try something new, makes life interesting :)

  6. Pete

    No wonder Sergios game is off. He should be out on the range instead of messing about with bikes

  7. Pepsi

    Great stuff but the “Hula Bike” is a joke. >_>

  8. Darrel

    All these bikes are awesome! Most, not very practical, but still really cool, creative ideas.

  9. timmay

    ok how are you supposed to ride the tricycle??, haha but very nice concept

  10. mea

    i like water bike

  11. Doink

    The hubless bike looks awesome, but i guess its high mass is very hard to propel by a skinny person :)

  12. Ayoally

    lol iwant like all of these.

  13. kadal

    skeleton bicycle……it’s like you ride on skeleton that ride in bicycle

  14. michael

    couch bike mine for sure

  15. michael

    skeleton bike i would love to know how many shows its bin in

  16. Evelyn

    I wonder how the water bike move’s like is it a paddle boat or does it have a motor but if it has a motor then shouldn’t it be a water motorcycle or some thing oh and who in the whole world would think of this bikes isn’t a normal bikes good

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