Water Bicycle

Water Bicycle

Innovative bicycle designed by Schiller allows people to safely ride on water.

World’s most advanced water bicycle with responsive steering mechanism, multi-speed drive train, twin propellers, and dual chamber pontoons.

Engineered to convert human energy into fast / efficient speed on water.

Delivers safe and exhilarating ride. Experience cycling on open water.

Water Bike

Aquatic Bike

Schiller Water Bike

Aquatic Bicycle

Aqua Bicycle

Schiller Bikes

Aqua Bike


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  1. Ru

    Somehow this is even more ridiculous than a swan shaped pedalo.

  2. Kathy

    Very Cool!

  3. Dmccall

    How is this that different than the WaterBike that was available in the late ’80s?

  4. Jimbo

    Love this. Great for any smooth body of water., or so it appears.

  5. m

    i wish to have money so i can build my version of water bike and compare with this and see which one is faster.

  6. Siggynine

    Why do you have to sit so uncomfortably? Wouldn’t a lower/recumbent seating be better. Aesthetically and ergonomically?

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