Portable Grill

Portable Grill

Innovative barbecue grill with notebook inspired design can be folded flat to one inch for easy storage and transportation.

Notebook Grill allows people to cook delicious meat in any location.

Made out of high quality heat resistant steel. [order]

Notebook Grill

Notebook Portable Grill

Notebook Grill

Compact Grill

Portable BBQ Grill

Modern Grill

Portable Barbecue Grill

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  1. Sr. F


  2. Kathy

    That’s a great idea!

  3. Gert

    excellent idea for the camper on the go.

  4. Kelly Tozarin

    Nice gift for my husband! And it’s affordable!

  5. JKent

    Just make sure it has REALLY cooled down before you try to put it away!!

  6. Yona

    I have one. It’s nice, but you don’t want to fold it after you use it.. it get’s super dirty and it’s hard to get everything out of it.

  7. Michele

    We love ours to take in our camper. Perfect fit!

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