14 Solar Powered Inventions

Solar Powered Inventions

Useful gadgets, products, and inventions that convert sunlight into energy.

Solar Powered 3D Printer

Sunlight and sand are used as raw energy and material to produce glass objects using a 3D printing process.

Solar Powered 3D Printer

Solar Powered Shower

Modern outdoor shower uses heat from the sun to warm the water.

Solar Powered Shower

Solar Camera Strap

Weng Jie has designed a camera strap with integrated solar panels that will charge the battery in the camera.

Solar Camera Strap

Solar Lounge Chair

Recharge yourself and your electronics while relaxing outdoors.

Solar Lounge Chair

Solar Hat and Solar Purse

Stylish handbag and cool hat designed by Joe Hynek will convert sunlight into electricity to power your mobile devices.

Solar Hat and Solar Purse

Solar Powered Boat

PlanetSolar boat uses solar energy to travel around the world.

Solar Powered Boat

Solar Powered Lawnmower

Now you can use clean energy of the sun to mow your lawn.

Solar Powered Lawnmower

Solar Powered Barbecue Grill

Modern grill uses mirrors to direct sunlight to the hot plate.

Solar Powered Grill

Solar Powered Cutter

This cool machine is a low-tech, low energy version of a laser cutter.

Solar Powered Cutter

Solar Dress

Day-For-Night dress made by Despina Papadopoulo is tailored with solar cells that are used to charge batteries of your devices.

Solar Dress

Solar Powered Car

XOF1 solar car is an electric vehicle powered by 893 solar cells.

Solar Powered Car

Solar Bikini

Custom made bikini with solar film strips will charges your iPod.

Solar Bikini

Solar Powered Sunglasses

Lenses with solar panels collect energy to power electronic devices.

Solar Powered Sunglasses

For more uses of solar energy, check out: Solar Powered House

Gift Ideas
  1. Larna

    This will work perfectly in Asia country….and will be environmental friendly too…way to go inventors!

  2. TTV

    The hat is hideous, but everything else is pretty cool.

  3. TwinkleTinytot

    10 points for the Solar camera strap!!

  4. Zach

    let’s make solar devices that we can photograph hot women with and make our product “better”.

  5. Ted

    Awesome stuff here! I just don’t get the solar powered bikini. I mean, I’m a dude but still – I wouldn’t want a chord dangling from my two-piece bathing suit. I might buy it for myself anyway though… btw I’m joking XD

  6. MMM

    The solar powered shower has been around in one form or another for ages. I know I have used one for 20+ years.

    LOVE the solar lounge chair, beauty and function!

  7. Jay Moss

    I guess i didnt get the barbie grill, is it just a giant mirror? cuz if it is, id never cook in front of that! lol

  8. Meow

    The solar powered purse and swimwear are actually not as ugly as i would expect them to be. Me Like!

  9. nanobelle

    The solar powered printer is a fantastically clever device. The sheer genius of it! Technological and artistic, wonderful!

  10. Critical Eye

    I call BS on the lawn mower. Seriously doubt that 6 solar cels could create enough power to spin the blade fast enough to work well.

  11. Muddy

    I think anyone wearing a solar hat would be solo

  12. Critical Eye

    Wait a minute… the solar bikini can’t be worn in the water! Is a swimsuit that can’t be used for swimming really an example of good design??

  13. Dave

    solar panels do more harm to the planet then they ever make up for in their lifetime..

  14. Sunidhi Garg

    Solar powered cars are a dream! Is there something like solar power farms like we have windmill farms?

  15. key

    I’m an inventor looking for some helpful info on how to
    go about finding capital to help fund my solar concepts.

  16. Donald

    I am realy glad the world is stepping up. Solar panels are infact pollution free easy to make and install. the only down-fall is, that everything you thought possible has already been invented. I was half way done with my designed and found out it has all ready been invented. That is hard to take in.

  17. rolf

    i love solar and my panels produce twice as much i use i feel proud that i can make a difference But energy is priced by demand and when it is needed some thing that really could make a difference is instalations to store energy in massess in batteries or capacitors to bridge peak periods it not gona be cheap but if we dont become conservetive we kill the planet hence us ,our children, me ,every one of my friends

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