Knight Armor Hoodies

Knight Armor Hoodies

Creative and eye-catching hoodies designed to look like Medieval Armor will transform you into a modern knight.

Designed and handmade by Catherine Kim, each armored knight hoodie comes with retractable visor that will protect your face during battle.

“Knight Hoodies” are available in various colors, sizes, and designs.

Armored Knight Hoodie

Knight Armor Hoodie

Knight Armour Hoodie

Armored Knight Hoodies

Knight Hoodie

Armored Knight Hoodie

Armoured Knight Hoodies

Medieval Knight Hoodies

Armoured Knight Hoodie

Knight Hoodie

Medieval Armor Hoodie

Medieval Armour Hoodie

Medieval Armor Hoodies

Medieval Knight Hoodie

Knight Armour Hoodies

Medieval Armor Hoodie

Knight Hoodies

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  1. Betty

    Very cool!

  2. Gert

    I gotta make one of these for my son. lol

  3. NiDo

    so cool!

  4. aladeen


  5. davide


  6. Madd

    Where can I buy one of these? I’m gonna cry, these are amazing!

  7. Andrew Hammett

    OMG! I don’t give a crud how much they cost I want one! were can I go to see all the sizes, colors, and designs?

  8. Yummy

    I’m goin’ Bananas Right Now.. Super Nice, Big ups Ms Cathrine Kim..

  9. Jenny

    How much are the gray ones?

  10. Jade Martin

    They cost $218.00-$238.00 USD and are hand made in Korea. They come in adult and child sizes. They can be custom made with certain colors and buttons by contacting Catherine Kim through etsy. Hope this helps! :)

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