3D Sidewalk Chalk Art

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art

Julian Beever is an English artist who has been creating 3D chalk drawings on pavements since the mid-1990s. He makes his art using a projection technique called anamorphosis. When viewed from a particular angle, this technique creates the illusion of 3D.

According to the author, the “secret is to set up a camera on a tripod and keep it in one spot and check every mark you make. It’s really just playing with perspective to make it appear different to what it really is.

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 2

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 3

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 4

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 5

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 6

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 7

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 8

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 9

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 10

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art

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  1. abim

    you sure have such a great idea and this a make believe come alive site. i love it, weldone

  2. Milla Valkeasuo

    It’s difficult to see that those are just chalk drawings.. :D amazing!

  3. LOGO

    Absoultly Perfect..

  4. caylyn

    wow i saw these pictures last year really cool

  5. caylyn

    still cool

  6. maddy

    I think it would be hard to force myself to walk on them for 2 reasons-

    _ It might mess them up.

    _ I’d be afraid to fall in.

  7. susanna

    this is sooooooo cool i wish i could see it in person. i would be scared to fall in

  8. annmarie

    I Love How It Only Works From One Angle Ive Seen It On Tv And From behind They Stretch Out For Meteres And Look Totally Weird But I Love The Way They Come Together it’s incredible x

  9. Keslea

    this is amazing maybe one of the best forms of art work ever

  10. mikayla

    so awesome

  11. jayla

    this is sooooooo cool where do u get the chalk from? and maybe u should come to nc to show some people!

  12. jethro


  13. Ariel

    these pictures are very interesting and amazing
    cant wait to see some more

  14. edger

    you cant draw to save your life lol =)

  15. i rok


  16. kristina

    i have seen this guy make in of these in person!!!!!!! it was amazing!!!!!!!!!

  17. Yo


  18. Kylea

    OMG!!! that is soooo awesome! At school my teacher showed these to us and i had to come see them again (art class)

  19. JC

    Damn thats cool!!

  20. MarcusFelecia

    That’s so effffin awesome!

  21. Eric Irvin

    How do they look from a different angle. Do they still look 3-d or what? I’m not knockin it at all…it’s amazing just curious if it still looks cool from another angle????

  22. sums

    it amazing how some people can do stuff like this.
    they have a real talent!!

  23. Kailey

    thoes r soooooooooooooo kool
    i want 2 learn how 2 make draw them THAT GOOD!!!!!

  24. vernon

    freakkkeennnnn awsommmme

  25. Pavement Art

    I love these kinds of street drawings, I think they are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  26. l_t

    i love your work. i see it everywhere and i hope that one day i can be as great as you =]

  27. Fanti'

    Where is this guy located? I mean, I would LOVE to take my family there on a vacation just to check it out but have NO IDEA how to find him or his work. Do he put a protective coat on his work so that it lasts or does the weather wash it away??? This man is blessed with such a beautiful talent.

  28. Rizal

    Amazing…..Great….Wonderfull….i never see this before…..i wish goodluck and he can draw like this at any country around the world

  29. orlando

    this is tight i wish i could do this

  30. lauren

    that is so kewl!!!! :D

  31. Ethan F-s

    Completely amazing

  32. kay...


  33. kristina

    omg i love this thing its so freakin cool

  34. Rob

    I saw these in real life! So amazing and at a different andgle it looks so waky
    the best part it to see the peoples exprestions and how they look at it

  35. nikki

    i would be so scared that i would fall in or something! i would love to see them in person but i would be scared to go near it!

  36. keristin ^.^

    omg i love your drawings, i wish i could be as good as you :D!!!!!!! i didn’t know they had these :$ … i really like the coke-cola one its like my favorite

  37. wow

    wow. you are the man. DONT STOP

  38. Corrin

    This is so awesome!!! Luvvv da laptop 1!!!

  39. Daniel


  40. Anonym

    So cool.. .. That so nice.. How they do this?

  41. CAssie

    these are amazing!!!! You have inspired me to become a sidewalk 3-d artist! :)))

  42. madi

    omg that is freaking awesome!

  43. Brad Garrett

    totally awesome…i have never seen anything like that in my life..such a wonderful gift for the viewer and the artist….im so jealous dude…….please continue to bless people with your artwork dude….

  44. Angie ♪ ♪ ♫ ☼

    WOW! That is truly amazing! I wish i could be so talented! But unfortunatly i can’t draw like at all! Keep up the good work! :)

  45. Mike Hawthorne

    Splash and dribble merchants who have almost emasculated real art,eat your hearts out. This is what the craft is all about.Julian is an inspiration to all genuine artists. I wish him a long life.

  46. blah

    damm this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  47. leila

    it is wonderful

  48. amjad

    amazing!!! its an art.

  49. jessie

    thats so ridiculous! truly my inspiration!

  50. Clara

    its cool alright. one thing ITS SO 3DISH im serios
    the pic with the hole in its so creepy

  51. Triana

    That is extraordinary!!!!It looked so real like no lie I was amazed!My fav one was the picture where it looked like he was picking up gold from the ground in front of him!!!WAY COOOOL!!!!

  52. marianna

    my fav one was the one with the coke bottle and the one with the skeleton and the people trapped but only because it looked cool this is real art!very amazing

  53. Justine

    abosolutely amazing

  54. kate

    my English teacher showed us these in class… absolutely amazing!

  55. Sylvia

    how to do it?? i wanna learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. angel

    how the frick do you do that !!!!???

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