14 Creative Advertisements

14 Creative Advertisements

Check out these creative and unique advertisements from around the world.

3M Security Glass Advertisement

3M was so sure their Security Glass was unbreakable, they put a large stack of cash behind it and shoved it in a bus stop.

3M Security Glass Advertisement

Radiant Gym “Running” Advertisement

Obesity finds it hardest to catch up with those who are running.

Radiant Gym Running Ad

YKM Bag Advertisement

YKM Bag Advertisement

Where’s your child?

Where is your child

Yodobashi Camera Store Bus Advertisement

Yodobashi Camera Store Bus Advertisement

Premiere “Spiderman” Advertisement

Your TV program takes a break when you do.
Personal digital TV with delayed viewing.

Premiere: Spiderman Ad

Creative Adidas Advertisement

Creative Adidas Ad

Funeral Services Advertisement

Funeral Services Advertisement

Stop’n Grow Bag Advertisement

German product that stops nail biting.

Stop n Grow Advertising Bag

Denver Water Advertisement

Use Only What You Need.

Denver Water

Sharpie Permanent Markers Advertisement

Sharpie Permanent Markers Ad

Samsung “Express Yourself” Advertisement

Samsung Express Yourself Advertisement

“Reserved for Drunk Drivers” Advertisement

Do NOT Drink and Drive

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer Advertisement

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

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  1. Justin Hernandez

    Great list. I particularly like Adidas ad. At first I thought it was the stripes but I realized it was shark-like gills.

  2. Paul Crowe

    That Samsung ad is horrible. What is it doing in the list?

    Reminds me of Sesame Street. Which one of these is not like the other one’s, which one of these just doesn’t belong….Samsung because it is shit creative.

  3. Matthew

    Wow! Awesome list!! Dugg :)

  4. Ren Bostelaar

    Strange that “Canon” would feature a Nikon D100 in their ad.

  5. Sarah

    I don’t get the sharpie one
    I get they are being arrested but why are they drawing the thumb print?
    Is it to show how fine the markers are?

  6. Scott

    That is not a “Canon” ad it is a “Yodobashi Camera” ad, a huge camera chain in Japan.

  7. tweety

    Also dont get the sharpie one… and the samsung one….

  8. Stewie

    The “Canon” ad is really an ad for a Japanese electronics chain (Yodobashi Camera).

  9. nrhk

    Sharpie is showing that its markers are permenant much like your fingerprint

    don’t know about samsung…

  10. Bob

    The Samsung one is a rock/metal hand symbol. The Sharpie I think to show how fine they are since you can draw the finger print.

  11. Bill

    For those who don’t get it, the Samsung one is a hand making the devil sign or whatever you call that thing that people do at metal concerts.

  12. Radio

    Very nice advertisements.

  13. Luiza

    The funeral one is my fav =)))

  14. bob

    Obviously the samsaung is a hand gesture, and the sharpie is about how fine the tip of the marker is

  15. tweety

    ahh i get the samsung one now, but the sharpie one the hands look weird, not very clear message

  16. David Greiman

    Nice collection… Real money between that security glass?

  17. arun kamath

    Even in the age of youtube and TV it is great to see such creative ads.

  18. Ash

    Funny comments you guys posted here. I think I read the same thing about the samsung and sharpie advertisements so many times.

    The funeral one made me laugh the most, and the one with the bench made absolute sense.

    Good list.

  19. Valerie

    It would be interesting to put up a video camera at the money/security glass one and watch what people try to do.

  20. Rej

    I Still didnt get the adidas ad :((

  21. O geez

    granted, the Samsung ad took me a half second, to get cause I was looking at the top too closely and then i looked down and AH a hand..

    but you people and the Sharpie.. ugh
    1. Fingerprints are not permanent..
    2. It’s a guy holding the hand to be ‘printed’ and implying the ability to draw the fingerprint with the fine sharpie. GEEZ

    3. Loved them all only thought the Spiderman ad was weak really.. + Spiderman’s a movie not tv taking a break heh.

  22. mark

    Haha, all are nice.

  23. Manish

    I Like the most
    “Reserved for Drunk Drivers” Advertisement

  24. O geez?


    the spiderman. they were talking about it airing on TV

    and some channels have commercial breaks during the movie showed on TV.

  25. Kate

    Great list. My favorite ads: the funeral, adidas shark, samsung hand signal

  26. Ken

    Great list of collections! I particularly like the 3M ads. Pretty daring and confident..

  27. al

    how strong is the metal used on the sides of the 3M glass?

  28. calum

    the sharpie one is also showing how versatile sharpies are. and the spiderman one isnt about commercials, its about pausing the broadcast tivo style, it ‘takes a break when you do’, not the other way around. !

  29. Zagler

    That’s not an ad for Canon, it’s an ad for Yodobashi Camera, a chain of electronics stores. PLUS, just to rub it in your face, the camera pictured is a Nikon, not a Canon. Noobs!

  30. ali


  31. Jeff Kee

    I can’t believe some people didn’t get the Sharpie one right away.

    Sharpie Permanent Markers – They’re sharp at the end, so fine enough to draw fingerprints. Also very permanent, hence good enough for such important documentations such as a fingerprint record. Wouldn’t want that piece of paper to have faded ink, right?

  32. Fubiz

    Impressive selection!

  33. Gren

    Remember the ads are meant to be different and generate conversation. Look at these notes, and the Samsung one gets the most comments – even though they are negative, we’re all talking about it. That means in some ways, they win, they have the best ad. Ironic.

  34. Bruno

    There was only $500 of real currency, the rest is fake. A security guard was present for the duration of the promotion. People were told they could only use their feet and would not get to keep the money if they were successful.

  35. GO

    justin, ure an idiot. The gills one was the worst.

  36. Rej

    I didnt get the adidas ad.. Did anyone get’em

  37. fifty1

    the 3M one was done with all real cash but a security guard was posted near by at all times.

    doesnt say much for secuirty glass if you also need a secuirty guard though does it.

  38. ChinaMustBurn

    I love the “Check around Water” add, I really go a kick out of that one, and also the funeral services one, that one is hilarious.

  39. mcdj

    the Sharpie ad is for their extra fine point marker. It’s so fine, the person is drawing a fingerprint freehand.

  40. 2 cents of polarizer

    The addidas stuff reminds of startrek aliens. kewl.


  41. Marc Savoy

    Please add this and repost as 15 Creative Advertisements
    Fedex Delivering UPS Truck Ad

  42. Computerden

    Great selection!

  43. Klint

    The Sharpie and Samsung ones shouldn’t be in there.

    Otherwise, great list.

  44. abim

    great site i in particular love the funeral advertisement. as sometimes people just don’t think any more, before they do things. and in that case the closer their funeral.

  45. schmexplosives

    The watch around the water one, with the kid in the bottom of the pool, is probably, speaking as a lifeguard, a terrible idea. if that was in my pool it would be a minor heartattack to look at each time i scanned that area! granted, it would probably do a good job stressing parents out enough to make them watch their kids better, but the added stress to the lifeguard would just be dumb.

  46. aminhers

    great guy

  47. Lyana

    “Funeral Services Advertisement” it’s awesome!!

  48. tehs

    I enjoy all of these…

  49. John Slater

    The funeral services advertisement is clearly photoshoped. CLEARLY. Apart from that the list is pretty sweet.

  50. Ilia

    WoooW great stuff! Very creative yet so simple.

  51. manolito

    Funny that “the Canon ad” is featuring a Nikon camera… A digital D100 or film F80 (the former is based on the latter), hard to say right now but a Nikon anyway…

  52. Toxel.com

    Thanks to everyone who pointed out that it was not a Canon ad. The post has been corrected.

  53. Squirrley1414

    The Sharpie ad may be used to advertise its fine width, but more likely it is used to show its permanence. Although not in the way you might think.

    If you were using a marker, what would you do to get the fingerprint? Try to draw a clumsy picture? Wrong! You would simply color the finger and press it against the paper. In this case though, you can’t do that because a Sharpie Permanent Marker is so good it won’t smear, smudge, or copy onto anything else after it has been printed onto the finger. Thus, the person is relegated to drawing the print since that’s all they can do!

    This makes a lot more sense from Sharpie’s point of view, since their main substitute is the black marker. Think about it.

    By the way, great set of ads!

  54. Regina

    Actually that funeral ad is real. I was in New York in 2006 and I saw it for myself.

  55. Xetheare

    You have two pics of the yellow bench.

  56. Bill

    All of these ads are pretty good. And the comments here confirm my suspicion that 50% of internet users are complete morons.

  57. Emily

    Wow these ads are fantastic!!!
    Although I do have to agree with some people that the Samsung ad seems to be out place, otherwise fantastic list – I even laughed at some of them!!

  58. Jerms

    Has anyone seen my keys

  59. Sheeraz

    Hi all,
    Apart from adidas, all adds are good. I hope they are trying to shave the coustomers pockets by showing shaved head……………?

  60. Allan

    Hey ! I particularly liked the 3M & YKM ads…got a smile with ofcourse the ‘Funeral’ one.


  61. Alex Cantu

    These are really clever. The jump-rope was awesome.

  62. SARAH

    Great collection of advertisement collection. I have already seen some of them but the collection is awesome.


  63. sheyda

    oh my god!
    they are gods of advertisement!
    really nice…

  64. Sara

    The kid at the bottom of the pool is a little disturbing. At least he appears like he could be conscious. As a lifeguard I might have found it to be distracting in a crowded pool. It would take some time to get used to it.

  65. last hokage

    I liket the funeral Advertisement the most.

  66. final last hokage

    I liked the funeral too,hehe

  67. Robin

    Love it! Way way way outside the box.

    Savoy – the simple FedEx UPS ad speaks volumes.

    My three favs are the top two and the Adidas ad.

  68. Fred

    I just Love the funeral services ad!

  69. parisa

    very nice and goooooooooooooooooooooodd

  70. Will Mckay

    These are Really good. Liked them all.

  71. sego

    Use Only What You Need.

  72. arash

    very nice

  73. Al

    two thumbs up!!!
    I so much cuirious about agencies that created them!

  74. Keira

    The camera shop ad does feature a Nikon camera. However, the mouseover tooltip says “Canon ad” so maybe the author of this blog would like to correct that.

  75. Toxel.com

    Keira, thank you for posting that. We corrected the error.

  76. Sarah

    Great Ads!

  77. rosita

    Really great ads, specially the “Denver Water Advertisement”, I think it must become a rule for all to “Use Only What You Need”
    And it’s very hard to satisfy all people with so much different interests, so some opposite ideas are normal.

  78. Wexford

    Nice, liked the “Use only what you need” one most, comment 56 made me laugh too, and the bench is orange, not yellow(55)

  79. Luca

    Awesome :D

  80. Luke

    Read somewhere that there was a 24 hour security guard on the 3M ad so that people didn’t smash it with their car or any of the other 100 ways to break into it

  81. Luis

    The 3M ad only had like 500 bucks at the top. The “money” at the bottom is only paper. So, any attempt to break it would result in not much gain. The case itself is a lot more expensive.

  82. Michael

    Loved the 3M ad

  83. Unko

    it’s so cool ya!!

  84. FireFrenzy

    they are all made of WIN and OWN!

  85. Jenny

    Hi, could u please help me to describe the Dettol ad??

  86. ابليس

    very nice

  87. chantix

    very creative ads!

  88. Sansmind

    “Reserved for Drunk Drivers” Advertisement — Nice One

  89. Indian

    The Sharpie ad, is a guy holding the thumb up and drawing the lines using a sharpie

  90. Shafakat

    The Denver Water Advertisement & nail bitter …are the best ones…… excellent!!

  91. naviz

    Dettol ad, there are so many activity is done by hand,u can wash ur hand by using it….

  92. Harry Roberts

    The funeral directors one is my favourite!

  93. designerdisasters

    the drink driving ad is an excellent example of an subtley humourous yet powerful message delivered for the cost of a couple of spray cans. nice work!

  94. mochamad ismail

    thanks 4 good ads. I copy the ads to my library for reference. THX

  95. Ashish

    Dear All, these are good ads, I would like to know these type of more website, which provide the creative ads without any subscription, if u know any other website, please let me know at my email (kumar.ashish.ak@gmail.com)

    Thanks & warm Regards

  96. Riya

    Really!!..Its a very nice creative examples.

  97. John Smith

    Same Same. I’ve seen these same ad’s soooooo many times…

  98. The Quick List Formulas

    Hahaha, I love it. Great list you put together!

  99. kigblebsilia

    It’s amazing

  100. Melissa

    Fascinating site and well worth the visit. I will be backs

  101. john

    Your site is very interesting and useful/

  102. matt

    the 3m add is stupid. if you click on it you will see there are rules a security gaurd and you cant even keep the money if you break it open. not very confident in there product.

  103. Alireza Borzui

    Great collection!
    Very nice advertisements

  104. kirtasiye

    The funeral services advertisement is clearly photoshoped. CLEARLY. Apart from that the list is pretty sweet.


  105. ingilizce

    oved the 3M ad

  106. Evan

    I really like the one about the Denver water ad. So Great!!!

  107. baba

    loved the 3M ad

  108. Kevin Young

    Very sweet collection. I like the gills on the swimmer – very subtle.

  109. Jim Nolan

    I came across your blog looking for articles about marketing and advertising.
    Congrats for the topics you´ve been posting. I´ll include a link from my blogroll.
    All the best,
    Jim Nolan

  110. Future Wealth

    Brilliant advertisements. I like this one mostly “Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer Advertisement” . It seems that all hands together would bring a victory. Unity is Strength

  111. URaNal Kitty.

    Devil sign? It’s just a sterotypical thing that we do nothing to do with the devil… ;/ I..I xD

  112. Nikki - Logo Design Guru

    Fantastic and so incredibly creative. Selling a product is hard with so much competition in the world. You really need to have some great ideas out there to be remembered. Very nice.

  113. Lesus

    Its really nice collection and noice picture

  114. badooo

    i like the drunk driving one and the camera one was sick

  115. Ashley

    i used one of these ads for my english 104 class.
    now i get to write three pages on it. woo. ha.
    but very good ads :)
    thanks for the help!

  116. bharti

    now thats creativity..
    i’m lovin it!!

  117. Shovon

    Unforgettable! Extra-ordinary! Specially Denver Water,3M Security Glass, 2 bags and Reserved for Drunk Drivers are excellent.

    N H Shovon

  118. raj chawla

    nice, So Great!!!

  119. Melissa

    creative…simple…effective. Anyone looking to market or advertise their business should follow the above examples!

  120. Cassidy Elias

    Great list ! Looove it. I really really love the Coke Ads. All of them. It’s soooo cool. Whooot ! Party with Coke !

  121. Morten foto lærred (Denmark)

    These are amazing!!

  122. rundalavista :)

    This ads are SUPER creative!
    The poeple who created these are AMAZING!
    I really like the one with the child in the pool
    And the drunk driving one
    Those ads may have saved a life!

  123. admad

    hmm…….so addidas ad seem to have been creating confusion……i think it is trying to convey the the message “attacking the youth” as primary targets or buyers of there products……watsay…

  124. Satyandhar

    All ads are ok, nothing is great.

  125. Ahmed

    very good ideas

  126. krutika

    all ads r very nice and creative..like them

  127. krutika

    the samsung ad could b dne more better ….

  128. R.Gunasekar

    YKM bag add is excellent. its and excellent creativity output… very nice

  129. Avery

    That’s really funny advertisements.Thank you for sharing.

  130. jitterbug

    Wow that drunk driving ad really got me.. hilarious!

  131. Bolo

    Great ads, i like most of them except the Stop’n Grow Bag Advertisement.

  132. rimis.net

    Creativity at its best

  133. diversity

    Radiant Gym “Running” Advertisement

    My friend and I didn’t get this one, anyone care to explain?


  134. Amanda

    lol the samsung one is making the rock and roll sign with the cell phones. i didnt get it at first either.

  135. hash

    it helps me a lot

  136. e

    are you people thick or just over 40? the samsung ad rocks… literally. its the universal sign for rock and roll. i kinda even feel like i want to listen to rock music with a samsung now when before i had no interest in samsung. oh and if you didn’t get the sharpie ad, you really truly are thick/inbred.

  137. medyum

    Read somewhere that there was a 24 hour security guard on the 3M ad so that people didn’t smash it with their car or any of the other 100 ways to break into it

  138. loz

    lol, great list!

    poor little kid in the water. i think the ‘wheres your child’ ad scares the hell out of him.

  139. telefon dinleme

    Funny that “the Canon ad” is featuring a Nikon camera… A digital D100 or film F80 (the former is based on the latter), hard to say right now but a Nikon anyway…
    telefon dinleme

  140. navitha

    Camera Store Bus Advertisement and Reserved for Drunk Drivers is damn good ya!!!

  141. Chumpy

    Lolz, I makes better security glass in my sleep. Hell, I’ve broken through a couple of panes of security glass in my time, with nothing but my head. Still hurts, but hey…. Not that hard to rob malls and stuff, just incapacitate the guard and use his gun to blow the glass >:)

    They should put blood spatters on the funeral ad. Adds to the visual effect =]

  142. Mubeen Khan

    It’s really awesome work done. These guys are brilliant. I love their work.

  143. Karen

    Ok read a few of your comments and want to help straighten it out a little… the sharpie one, which I was very impressed with, has a DUAL meaning. What’s more permanent than your finger prints? What also is more complex and defined? ever try to draw your finger print? Fine tipped AND permanent my friend. And as for samsung, who hasn’t thrown up the horns at a concert? The kind of people that do are the kind of people who are gonna jam out on their phone when they’re bored. Play to the audience :D

  144. rami fawaz

    I love the first one. I would have broke that glass!

  145. Chumpy

    Lolz, Chuck Norris is so tough, when he looks in a glass it breaks, because even a mirror won’t get in the way of Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris. That security glass doesn’t stand a chance =]

  146. suman

    reserved 4 drunk drivers was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! mind blowing

  147. yjc

    Awesome ads! I would have broken that glass as well. o_o (Or take the whole bus stop)

  148. medyum

    this is very nice blog,thank you for all

  149. choudhary waqas

    i like that pictures.
    amezing pictures.

  150. Ankara Parke

    it helps me a lot

  151. lalacan

    Awesome, very creative

  152. katrina kaif

    didnt get the adidas and funeral. anyways good collection of ads

  153. Flare

    I really think the funeral one near the subway is dangerous. They decide to write ‘Come a Little Closer’ in huge letters, then they put their company name on the bottom in tiny letters. They could get in serious legal trouble if a little kid decided to follow that.

    The Samsung one is a bit hard to tell at first, so I don’t think it’s that impressive.

    The Where’s Your Child One is kinda creepy. I would hate to be that little kid that’s staring at the ad.

    My favorites are the 3-M and Gym ads. Those are quite clever, except I doubt the money is real.

  154. mohammad

    very good. tnk alot

  155. Dinleme Cihazları

    i really like the drunk driving one and the camera one was sick

  156. Al!D

    very nice

  157. medyum

    i really like the drunk driving one and the camera one was sick

  158. Ebrahim

    All Image Is Very Good . I Am Enjoy .Thanks alot
    Adidas The Best

  159. r eza

    very nice

  160. punnarao.dvsn

    ad means any time dare me UMASILKS PUNNARAO

  161. Phoenix

    Idea’s that some people think about!!! And others that are daring enough to advertise them like this. Impressive and funny

  162. ace

    good ideas, really catches on your mind, effective signs

  163. medyum

    i really like the drunk driving one and the camera one was sick.. Medyum Niyazi

  164. sushant

    “reserved for DRUNK DRIVERS”…..ooh what a exceptional mind ?

  165. Mat

    LOL.. Some of these are pure genius and made smile. So glad I stumbled accross this article.

  166. Dyohna

    That funeral service ad creeps me out…

  167. khin wah wah

    very nice and creative.

  168. deb

    I was blown away by the dettol hand sanitizer ad! It made me think about all the things I touch on a daily basis that have already been touched numerous times. Just think of all the germs that represents!;)

  169. Amnah

    Wow.. just loved all the ad. They are so creative.. I just crossed by to find some pics for my lesson tomorrow as I’m gonna enhance the students’ opinion intereting in different issues (as am an English teacher in ESL/EFL classrooms in UAE).

  170. alex conrad

    gorilla advertising is the most effective advertising in today’s society

  171. medyum

    Actually that funeral ad is real. I was in New York in 2006 and I saw it for myself..

  172. Alexander Silva

    The most important thing is creativity and imagination.

  173. Magnaa

    it’s amazing! reserved for drunk drives, hahaha =))

  174. sajjad ahmad

    very very creative

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