Collection of Cool Pepsi Ads

Collection of Cool Pepsi Ads

Pepsi-Cola company always produces creative advertisements for their products. This post showcases best Pepsi print advertising ideas.

Pepsi “Pool” Advertisement

Ad Agency: Impact BBDO

Pepsi Pool Advertisement

Pepsi “Straw” Advertisement

Pepsi “Ask for more”

Pepsi Straw Advertisement

Pepsi “Straws” Advertisement

Creative Pepsi “Straws” Advertisement

Pepsi Straws Advertisement

Pepsi “Christmas” Advertisement

Pepsi Christmas Advertisement

Pepsi “Hook” Advertisement

Pepsi Hook Advertisement

Pepsi “Lemon Twist” Advertisement

Pepsi Lemon Twist Advertisement

Pepsi “Truck” Advertisement

Pepsi Truck Advertisement

Pepsi “Mini” Advertisement

Pepsi Mini Advertisement

Pepsi “Surfing” Advertisement

Pepsi “dare for more”.

Pepsi Surfing Advertisement

Pepsi MAX Advertisement

“Give Sugar the Flick”

Pepsi MAX Advertisement

Pepsi Mini Can Advertisement

Ad Agency: BBDO, Toronto, Canada

Pepsi Mini Can Advertisement

Pepsi Max “Zzz” Advertisement

Pepsi Max Zzz Advertisement

Pepsi “Access” Advertisement

BBDO created a subway poster that has a fully functional headphone jack embedded in it, which plays samples of various exclusive tracks available at

Pepsi Access Advertisement

Pepsi “Climbing” Advertisement

Pepsi Climbing Advertisement

Pepsi “Cat” Advertisement

Pepsi Cat Advertisement

Pepsi “Straw” Advertisement

Pepsi Straw Advertisement 2

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  1. ronwonsprinkle

    the only thing better than pepsi is a can of poison which is dipped in nuclear waste, peed on by a rabid dog, dumped on by an elephant and filled with gas from president bush.
    but pepsi makes better ads though.
    oh..and btw..the poison goes by the name of coca cola.

  2. Fredrik

    Man, I would never drink Pepsi Twist after seeing THAT ad.

  3. bob

    All crap.

  4. prodigyjar

    Pepsi sucks. They’ve been fighting to stand-up to the ingenious marketing of Coca-Cola since day one, and they’ve never quite succeeded.

    There’s been books written about this.

    Pepsi’s classic tactic is to just pay a celebrity (michael jackson, etc) large sums of money… Coca-Cola has always taken a uniquely creative route. What’s shown here are the few times they’ve managed to come close to doing what Coca-Cola does.

  5. Veronica

    Great ads, beats Coke’s. Pepsi tastes better than Coke anyways.

  6. Jeff

    It’s a constant source of amusement to me how frequently Pepsi’s advertising amounts to “We’re just as good as Coke, really, we promise we are!” Anyone else remember those old Diet Pepsi ads claiming you couldn’t tell the difference between that and Diet Coke? Man, that sure made me want to rush out and buy their product: the claim that it was indistinguishable from someone else’s.

    The Pepsi Twist ad confuses me a great deal, though; first, why would seeing a fruit peeing into a can not make me associate the product with, well, piss?
    Second, isn’t that a LIME?

  7. zeeol

    These ads seemed more badass than coca-cola

    Mini Pepsi ones were the best

  8. Willeth

    One of the best ads I’ve ever seen was for Pepsi. I’m not sure whether it was legit or not, but it certainly fits with the theme of putting down Coke – a kid bought two cans of Coke from a machine, placed them on the ground, and stood on them, so he could reach the Pepsi button. After getting his Pepsi, he walked off and left the Coke on the ground.

  9. Paul

    Pepsi tastes like dusty water from a cooch

  10. Pepsi Rules

    Wow Guys. A little hard on Pepsi… If you don’t like soda at all why are you looking at there adds? And Pepsi never said that Diet Pepsi tasted like Diet Coke. That’s just silly. And it doesn’t.

    And the celeberty thing. The only one you could come up with was Micheal Jackson from like 25 years ago…. Everyone used celebs to promote.

    Now. I do like Pepsi. And I drink Coke also (have to in many restaurants). I like there adds and I also enjopyed the Coke adds with the polar bear. Very cool…. Get it coool….

    And to everyone that doesn’t like Pepsi or Coke DON’T DRINK it you stupid morons. I don’t like tea so I don’t drink it.. Problem solved.

    Joel Sucks.


  11. Hector A. Parayuelos

    Some really creative ads here…too bad they cannot get the TASTE right…heh.

  12. Katie

    Most of those ads were clever…I love plain Pepsi, but when I want a flavor cola drink, I go with Coke. Pepsi has a great sharp taste and it doesn’t mix too well with other flavors, while I find Coke has a sweeter taste that goes well with things like cherry and vanilla…but that’s just my opinion :)

  13. Davo

    Pepsi tastes like it has that artificial sweetner that old people use in there tea in it. this means it tastes bad.

  14. T

    Clearly people have forgotten the brilliance of the Pepsi Taste Challenge. It was proven that in a blind taste test that people ACTUALLY preferred the taste of Pepsi. If people recall… this forced Coca-Cola to change the flavor of their drink to massive failure, which soon forced them to change it back to the original and drove sales through the roof (which in itself could have been a brilliant piece of marketing).

  15. Joan Stirnovich

    Pepsi is very good at advertising.
    This ad with the trapped cat is very funny to me. It would be even more funnier, if Pepsi did care about the environment.

  16. Mike

    in response to T:

    one note on that: New Coke was consistently rated >higher< than Coke and Pepsi in taste tests. Initially it was a success, then a small contingent of americans became very vocal about not liking them idea of changing the hundred year old recipe, and the rest of the public followed them and basically boycotted New Coke to force them to switch back. And of course, they did.

    it is an interesting study in human psychology.


    Nothing beats the Happiness Factory

  18. JJJ

    “Pepsi-Cola company always produces creative advertisements for their products.”

    – really? just looks like a lot of cheap american tat if you ask me. A twelve-year-old would have more original ideas.

  19. Lonnie

    Nearly everyone I know says they prefer Coke to Pepsi. But somebody’s got to be drinking it since they’ve been around for over a century.

    I’ve got to admit, sometimes you just need a really cold can of Diet Pepsi.

    And, oh yeah, these ads kick Coke’s ass.

  20. Myztry

    Pepsi is okay. Much in the way the most generic cola’s are okay. It’s also about half the price of Coke in Australia which prices it much closer to other colas.
    Coke doesn’t taste like a standard generic cola which is where the advantage is. While cola tastes okay, Coke just has extra something that distinguishes it.
    If anything, the Cola part of Coca-Cola is misleading because it doesn’t taste like a traditional Cola.
    Mere marketting and branding only goes so far. Sometimes the product itself needs to be unique.

  21. Erena

    !! The “Give sugar the flick” ad is from New Zealand a few years ago.

    I thought it was kind of offensive to be honest, didn’t really fit with the other marketing around. Guess that was the point though.

    Funny that it’s made a mark though!

  22. AgresifDavsan

    Pepsininde cocacolanında ta ……

  23. G. W. Bush

    Pepsi is full of good ole GM products whereas Coke isn’t.

  24. sidhartha sinha

    great ads i worked with pepsi co as a summer trainne where i saw the strong channel distribution.keep it up
    “yeh dil mange more”

  25. Defmall

    I gotta link this to the blog!

  26. chris

    fun fun having lengthy conversations over sugar water. lrn2drink, and stop putting this kind of shit in your bodies. peace

  27. N.shakila

    this s really wounderful @very very delightful,taste s sooooooooooooo diff many flavour’s.

    thank u

    one more thing s “plz u want 2 change many colors @ modelish style”

  28. nixxee

    hey ho
    i bum pepsi more than cola so :P
    and both pepesi n cola have sexxii ad campaigns
    and yes im just commentin this for my media coursework :P

  29. zrce

    wow great ads. i like them

  30. kirtasiye

    Pepsi tastes like dusty water from a cooch

  31. Christine

    does adds were awsome.. i also drink Pepsi and love it more then Coke. drank it for 32 years..awsome stuff… its good 4 you

  32. Robert


  33. yom sopein

    Great and out of the box Ad ideas,..those pix will make you wanna drink pepsi,and i think pepsi is giving coca-cola a real chase for consumers attention.

    keep the good work with this cool site,BRAVO

  34. ingilizce

    i love pepsi :D

  35. Wayne

    I happen to like all Pepsi products thank you very much lol

  36. baba


  37. kermit

    don’t you know that I used to use pepsi to clean my toilet?
    flushes the stains all the way down

  38. grassy

    Personally I prefer Coke. Their ads are good, but they all seem about the same; polar bears and penguins. I commend Pepsi for using great marketing ideas though. Pepsi just tastes too sweet.
    ^ ^
    – 0

    (I need to work on that it was last minute LOL)

  39. grassy

    (when i wrote that my face picture was not cut off sorry.)

  40. Star

    The hell is thiz??!!!! D:
    It’s cool. B)
    Well, some of it atleast.

  41. gazeteci

    number one pepsi

  42. jd

    I love the first one!

  43. godlike 1st dip

    have to look for advert in my media course
    and i drink probs way too much pepsi max
    but its so nice, especially as i smoke, because things dont have that edge of taste anymore
    whereas pepsi max i can still taste

  44. Anon

    That Zero – Max advert was definitely a dig at Coke Zero.

  45. Amar Damani

    I ll say Coke is far better as Pepsi tastes too sweet, may be cause my fav cola is “Thumps Up” i guess its only available in India, Coke now owns it, it was not avail after the coke takeover but coke has to start selling it again as its tastes best to indians but it is way stronger than any other cola i have tried

  46. amal

    i hat pepsi because the tasts is so bat .It has so much sugger.

  47. Brazilian Master

    Pepsi is the best ever!
    Coke tasty like dirty water of capitalisno….

  48. Alex

    “don’t you know that I used to use pepsi to clean my toilet?
    flushes the stains all the way down”

    Lol. Same here.

  49. GINNY

    I been a Diet Pepsi drinker since 1975, had a coke in 1969 found rat tail in it, never open bottle or can of coke since, have 3 witnesses to verify. only way I drink Diet Coke is at fast food places. Yeah Diet Pepsi

  50. Joseph Runey

    do you know why they made coke ?

    To keep the dummies from drinking all the pepsi!

  51. tang-graphic

    Cool adv, I support PEPSI!

  52. sandrar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  53. Matt

    Pepsi rocks!!

  54. neeraj

    i hate pepsi

  55. always coca-cola

    why the Peeing fruit?

  56. Katie

    It seems to me that Pepsi and Coca-Cola in general harmful. In them harmful substances and preservatives, and as dyes contain many.

  57. Peter

    I’m not a Pepsi fanatic-I’m a Pepsi addict. These ads are really very creative, but that can’t affect my love for Pepsi. The true Pepsi ad is in its unique thrilling taste that makes the hairs on my taste bud stand.

  58. Laura

    come on guys….pepsi is like a glass of water with 15 soup spoons of sugar…iiiioouuuu….their ads are nice….but the taste sucks. Hey!!! PEPSI funs…have you ever tried Coca Cola instead of Pepsi…? just wondering :))

  59. Ashley

    Coke is wayy better. Even pepsi’s ads are lame.

  60. Bruno

    Were can I get this ads images High Resolution to print a poster?

  61. Elena

    Jeez!! Could everyone please grow up and accept that everybody has different tasts–in soda AND their ads? I happen to like Pepsi, and I like SOME of their ads. On the other hand, Rum and Coke is yummy!, and Coke has good X-mas ads. What’s the diff? People like what people like, and someone telling them differently isn’t going to make them change.

  62. Gadi

    I would always go for pepsi during any season than going 4 any other…..

  63. bayrakçı

    ı love pepsi

  64. tetei

    pepsi the best drink….ever

  65. Zyn

    could someone please tell me what the 6th ad says?the hook one….

  66. SatisaDestinee

    I fricken love pepsi.

  67. John F, Birmingham

    Some of these’re (while admittedly not amazingly clever) really good. I prefer Pepsi, but you’re almost indoctrinated into Coke as their marketing is -everywhere-.

    People don’t even realize that Coke tastes of little more than sweet, fizzy water – which I suppose you don’t notice in the long run, Pepsi Max is the only one that seems to have distinctive taste of some kind.


    Pepsi for me any day

  69. Vidya

    i always go for Pepsi instead of having any other soft drink

  70. jackey

    i cant drink coke but i can drink pepsi

  71. nani

    is it possible to make a new brand for pepsi & coca like sony-ericson?!

  72. Pepsi Lover

    Pepsi Is Soooo Much Better! Coke Tastes Like Freakin DISHWATER!

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