Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti

Hand Painting Art

Today’s inspiration comes from Mario Mariotti (1936-1997), an Italian artist from Florence, famous for his amazing hand painting art.

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 2

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 3

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 4

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 5

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 6

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 7

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 8

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 9

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 10

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 11

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 12

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 13

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 14

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 15

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 17

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti 16

Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti

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  1. caro

    realy goooooooood!!! congratulations!

  2. Dainis Graveris

    Great inspiration! Really original works! nice!:)

  3. amon

    So amazing. Good work. I’m hope that’s not over. GJ

  4. ell

    I can’t help but notice the hair. ;)

  5. michael

    Some of these are brilliant!

  6. jan


  7. subcorpus

    nice …

  8. thegavino

    Wow, you got some time on your hands. No pun intended.

  9. mike

    Great collection, really impressive,


  10. @_@

    The soccer ones are awesome haha

  11. My Life In a Cube

    let’s give him a hand everyone!

  12. fredduck

    i hope you get some money for this. it was original.

  13. sudhasarathy

    So amazing. brilliant work.

  14. Jumpy DoHo

    Amazing! Truly amazing art!


  15. Adam Richards

    I’ve seen some of this stuff come up in australian afvertising. Exact same idea with the rabbit

  16. Krishna Kumar


  17. Kathy Oka

    Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Definitely took hand painting to another level. The soccer guys, pianist, conductor are brilliant.

  18. Gabi


  19. Yano

    Seriously. O. M. G.
    Way too amazing.

  20. Someone Else

    The soccer ones look very good, very amazing.

  21. SMK

    Great work! :D

  22. K.prakashkumar

    Really Supper ya. god bless you

  23. Robin

    Nicely done :)

  24. Milagros Coste


  25. ivan

    Spettacolo real Amazing

  26. somaye

    nice :)

  27. kiruthika


    not you to the ones who did this. :]

  28. arianna avena

    This is some of the most unique and spectacular work I’ve seen in a while, all of the details it seems were thoroughly thought through.
    Congratulations on your success!

  29. mehdi

    that’s cool

  30. ramin

    This is realy beautiful and unbleiveable I proud of
    you for doing such a nice work.very special creation.
    congratulation to you.

  31. Marcia ZAMORA

    GREAT JOB !!!!!!!

  32. Marco

    the owl and the zebra could be taken out since they’re nothing nearly as amazing as the other ones

    good job

  33. Gilad

    Some one has A LOT of time on their hands….literally.
    The football players one is quite amazing.

  34. Sherry Simpson

    Wow! Really really good! The chicken is my favorite.

  35. Sharon


  36. david

    thats really cool!

  37. piculous

    wow, that’s absolutely amazing…

  38. houari

    Cool art, I like the football players, awesome.

  39. Peanut

    I couldn’t believe they were fingers and not people. GREAT WORK!

  40. Sneddonia

    Those are amazing :D

  41. Isra

    awesum….all hve their own creativity….good work…infact marvellous work…may i pls know who did this ?? i am sure her/his hands wud be very flexible….

  42. Alpesh

    cool dude…. nice collection of hand painting.

  43. mathyus

    sweet those are great

  44. fancy(ru)

    Those are very good!!!

  45. Birgit

    That was AMAZING!
    WELL DONE!!!

  46. carmie

    lot of time on your hands! but truely awesome

  47. jhanelle


  48. ysabeelle

    Cool! u did it very well

  49. Charlie Walls

    What an imagination and a lot of art too “

  50. Ask Raza

    Awesome ! u did it very well

  51. thebest

    The soccer one is the best

  52. sabrina

    Please continue dont stop, these are amazing, one of a kind originals, and very inspiring! Outstanding, i know great art work when i see it!

  53. BCWT

    Extraordinary! It took me a moment to figure out the final piece, a most poignant signature.
    I hope to see more of your work.
    Are you the artist for AT&T’s global advertisement?

  54. Shairalys

    Amaizing!!!Awesome!!! Beautiful, curious paintings!

  55. Kwaijoba

    your creativity is stupendously flabergastic! I applaud and deeply admire your curious hand art.

  56. vita

    AWESOME !!!

  57. aping

    Iiiii Woooow…..

  58. Dr Sagar Gudhka

    Toooooooo gooooooooood !!!
    The soccer one is simply awesome !

  59. giber gab

    wow they r so awesome u should relay do more
    and that’s real hands on work

  60. giber gab(campbell)

    i can not believe that these r real :}

  61. Ram Shah

    Hand art at its best

  62. TheAL

    Outstanding! I’m especially amazed by the peacock and giraffe!

  63. Ami

    sooo cool!

  64. Maria Isabel

    Woooow, really nice

  65. Niko

    oh my word like totally cool!! Love the soccer players!!

  66. Jennifer

    Very clever. Such an imagination.

  67. james

    that goooooooooood….there is.rock and roll in your brain..

  68. azadeh

    very nice

  69. Anonymous

    Guys, you know Mario Mariotti doesn’t live anymore? (1936-1997)?

  70. Anonymous

    Moreover he was a genius and addressing him with “you did a good job” and “don’t stop” is inconsiderate and ignorant to say the least.

  71. gabba

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW this is amazing, genius :D

  72. Agii

    I have never ever seen anything like this, this is absolutely amazing!!!

  73. Veronica

    that is seriously awesome!!!!!

  74. Romana Vasyleha

    your work is magnificent!! :)

  75. sharifgd

    that is awesome!!!!!

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