Penthouse with Indoor Slide

Penthouse with Indoor Slide

Modern apartment in New York features large panoramic windows, indoor balconies, glass floors, integrated climbing wall, and tubular slide.

Luxury apartment offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.

There are four bedrooms, 32 windows, and a swing in the living room.

Indoor slide runs through all four levels of the penthouse apartment.

SkyHouse was designed by David Hotson and Ghislaine Vinas.

Apartment with a Slide

Penthouse with Tubular Slide

Apartment with Indoor Slide

Apartment with Tubular Slide

Slide Apartment

Slide Penthouse

Skyhouse Slide

Skyhouse by David Hotson

Penthouse by David Hotson

Apartment by David Hotson

Slide Apartment by David Hotson

Slide Penthouse by David Hotson

Skyhouse Penthouse

Penthouse Apartment

Penthouse in New York

David Hotson

New York Penthouse

New York Apartment

David Hotson Architect

Skyhouse in New York

Penthouse with a Slide

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  1. Immelmann

    Some day I’ll be rich enough to have the dumbest apartment ever, too.

  2. Betty

    Rich beyond the dreams of avarice…and complete avarice it is.

  3. Fillibert

    At least they didn’t tear the building down and build an ugly tower like the Verizon building next door. That is probably the most expensive waste of space in the world…

  4. Doug

    Expensive – Definitely
    Waste of space – Probably
    Envious – Absolutely!

  5. Erin

    I love this! except the image of a child crying on the wall, what’s that all about?

  6. Jimbo


  7. Gert

    Why can’t people learn how to decorate instead of the all white thing?

  8. kelly Tozarin

    I also didn’t like the child crying!

  9. Ru

    This reminds me of the film Big- you know how Tom Hanks had his apartment in that? Because he was a child, he filled it with fun things too.

  10. nanobelle

    This is so awesome I don’t where to begin. It’s not my style and I wouldn’t live there myself but as an art statement it’s fantastic. Loved the Big reference- I suspect that’s exactly what they are implying. People with money can afford to be childish and playful. But the element of fear- childhood is riddled with scary experiences and tearful memories- is adroit. This is art at its best.

  11. stefano

    The potential of this amazing location are much higher

  12. Paige

    If that place like rent able for the weekend or week that would be cool. I would go for a weekend.
    Just think of how much money that hotel would make.

  13. MaXi

    IM sure they will sell when the kiddies grow out of the space

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