Hot Tub Bicycle

Hot Tub Bicycle

Innovative exercise bike designed by FitWet uses the power of water to help you lose weight and get in the best shape of your life.

Water jets will gently massage your entire body, increase resistance, and make you sweat.

Hot Tub Bicycle – Efficient fitness technology. Aquasize Your Body.

FitWet Bike

Water Bicycle


FitWet Bicycle

Fit Wet

FitWet Bike

Water Bike

Hot Tub Bike

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  1. Pearl Lamie

    Please! Just get up off your butt and exercise!

  2. Kathy

    Okay…I get the idea of using water resistance for exercise (i.e. swimming, water aerobics, etc.)…

    But with this, I’d have to fill it with water in order to use EACH time, I’m guessing it would slosh – perhaps over the top… how does it drain afterward since I’d have to drain it before getting out. This just looks like a hassle and a mess that doesn’t outweigh the minor benefit (no pun intended).

  3. pee

    At least you can pee while you exercise?

  4. Thunder

    Where do put a huge monstrosity like this? How do you properly maintain it? How do you even get in it? I see a door but opening it while it’s filled with water doesn’t seem like a brilliant idea…

    I can see a fitness center using this but I’m not too fond of the idea of exercising in the same (little amount of) water others have…

    so many questions, so few answers.

  5. jimbo

    I can see this in a niche market; but, very limited need. Maybe in a speciality health or sports clinic. Imagine sharing that dirty water with others… not.

  6. Shilov

    Why not put in some 20 exercycles into a swimming pool?

  7. Dave

    First let me say that this is a ridiculous and huge gadget.
    @Shilov, most exercycles would rust extensively in chlorinated pool water while their greased parts would further contaminate a swimming pool.
    @Pearl, while you may be some exercise purist, this IS EXERCISE. Remember while your doing whatever high impact, high intensity exercise, some people have injuries, joint problems or, other limitations that require specialized exercise options. Don’t be an exercise snob and ascribe your abilities to everyone.

  8. Johann

    Haha, I should present it in my bicycle design blog. How does this cost?…

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