Magnetic Bottle Holder

Magnetic Bottle Holder

Innovative bottle hanger designed by Brian Conti uses powerful magnets to hold beer, juice, coffee, and milk bottles with metal caps.

BottleLoft will convert unused space in your refrigerator into a creative hanger for refreshing beverages. [order]


Brian Conti

Bottle Hanger

Magnetic Bottle Hanger

Refrigerator Bottle Hanger

Strong Like Bull Magnets


Refrigerator Bottle Hanger

Bottle Holder

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  1. Rene Robichaud

    need it

  2. NE DO

    That’s cool!

  3. Kathy

    Great idea!

  4. John

    Are the caps magnetic? I assume most of these caps are aluminum. Even if they are ferric, it seems it would only take a small bump of the adjacent bottle to knock it loose. The bottle is a pretty long lever, and it would only take 1 or 2 degrees of deflection to greatly reduce the magnetic holding power. I imagine bottles crashing through glass refrigerator shelves left & right. And what’s this magic tape that’ll hold a six pack to the refrigerator ceiling? Is there even a need for this product?

  5. Adam

    John you are right, just a wrong move, and all the “heavy” bottles are fall down with a dynamic impact on the glass shelves of which will broke. I’m sure…
    The caps are magnetic! (not aluminum)

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