Unusual and Creative Paper Napkins

Unusual and Creative Paper Napkins

Collection of unusual and creative paper napkins from all over the world.

Graphkin Napkins

Next time you doodle and sketch your ideas on your paper napkin, do it with real accuracy with these graph-paper paper napkins!

Graphkin Napkins

Dress For Dinner Napkins

Even if the guy’s dressed in his favorite old white tee shirt, with this napkin at his neck he’ll actually look like he made the effort to get dressed for dinner. A great conversation piece at any party.

Dress For Dinner Napkin

Dress For Dinner Napkins

Napkin Notebook

Global advertising agency Euro RSCG Worldwide has developed the Napkin Notebook, a spiral-bound collection of cocktail napkins ready to be filled with notes, sketches or the next great business idea.

Napkin Notebook

Napkins Notebook

Battleship Napkins

Not inspired by the conversation? How about a game of battleships instead.

Battleship Napkins

Napkins Calendar

Unusual daily calendar by Russian designer Stas Aki.

2009 Napkins Calendar

2009 Napkins Calendar 2

2009 Napkins Calendar 3

Hello My Name Is Napkins

These napkins take “Hello My Name Is” badges to a higher plane, allowing you to actually learn something about that hot babe or cool dude you’ve “just” met.

Hello My Name Is Paper Napkins

Keyboard Napkin

Creative napkin for your keyboard by Valentin Engler, Marius Morger and Daniel Grolimund.

Keyboard Napkin

Keyboard Napkin 2

Keyboard Napkin 3

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  1. Jaqi Mugo

    Tie and keyboard napkins hilarious

  2. Mniya

    i love the keyboard napkins, i want em too :)

  3. wtyang24


    i think the battleship and hello napkins would make pretty good conversation starters.

  4. gary

    faved napkin notebook + dress for dinner napkins.

  5. Beezy

    ha! does the keyboard napkin work with the touch pad?

    so clever!

  6. Jef

    napkin notebook ftw

  7. wiredsleeper

    why would they waste ink? this is killing the earth

  8. karen

    jeeze. chill, its not like EVERYBODY is using them, and their creative, stop being so “party pooper”

  9. Christine

    Why do some people post nonsense replies, it wastes bandwidth and electricity killing the earth, as does the manufacturing of your computer.

    Love the necktie ones and its great they have links so we can order them. Don’t know how long the keyboard napkin would last though and if your a light typist would you punch holes through it quickly. Thinking about it, what about lint filtering in around the keys. Have to think that one through twice.

    I hate nametags of any kind, but they still are innovative and if nothing else a great ice-breaker

  10. linou

    really fun i want all !!!

  11. Actually


    Ink and paper are both produced from natural resources which have a definitive quota, whereas bandwidth is infinite…

    I believe he was just commenting on the utter uselessness of the subject matter. Sure, manufacturing computers and generating electricity hurt the Earth, but at least there is some productive end result.

  12. Haley

    The tie and keyboard are so cute

  13. HSJ


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