Rolling House Concept

Rolling House Concept

Experimental house designed at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany.

Cylindrical design provides flexible space within a minimum housing unit. The prototype features 3 sections: there’s a bed and a table section, an exercise cylinder, and a kitchen with a sink.

Rolling House

Rolling Home

Rolling Building Concept

Rolling Home Concept

Rolling Building

Rolling House Prototype

Rolling House in Germany

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  1. Manish Ahuja

    As awesome as the idea is, it could give you quite a head spin I say ;) But one must salute the innovation and the idea.

    Manish :)

  2. Senju Gudin

    Cool innovative house but its more looks like a room than a house. One thing for certain, is that the room can’t place things as it doesn’t has any hold or place function.

  3. Jani

    It would definitely be a fun sitting or living in such rolling house :)

  4. chelseafc

    She’s rolling it with the laptop on the bed :/

  5. Amir

    That’s really weeeird 8-[

  6. Kollias Iraklis

    The future of university dorms

  7. ggg

    Where is the toilet? ;o

  8. Reilly

    Pretty stupid and pointless.

  9. Jaqi Mugo

    @ggg, good question! :p

    Just don’t put it on a hill, lol! :D

  10. Toasty Ohs

    This many posts in and no one has mentioned hamsters?

    It seems more like a child’s clubhouse for adults, than an actual house. I would not mind having one in my backyard.

  11. Spanki

    i dont think the whole thing rolls it spins internally seperatly
    so you can roll either section
    but i do love the idea just a bit cramped

  12. Stan

    1. Wow – adding a toilet could be messy when the rolling begins :)

    2. You counting on there not be any meanies outside :)

  13. timmay

    looks fun and scary at the same time, if yur reading a book then it starts rolling down a hill you could break bones.

  14. Chad

    What a great way to wake someone up!

  15. Celzn

    Haha. Yeah, nice concept, this idea is more plausible as a room or than a house. :)

  16. pete

    I think, go to peek is a big problem: LOL

  17. Pete

    Neat idea. Very creative. Certainly keeps the junk drawer well sifted so you don’t lose things :)

    +1 on the toilet comments.

    I *am* surprised she’s not slipping all over the place in her stockings. Looks like smoothly finished plywood laminate, even in the exercise cylinder.

  18. latincrow

    kinda cool if you use it in a space station, space odyssey style

  19. Critical Eye

    Very interesting student work… way to think outside the box!

  20. Vibha

    Intresting Concept.

  21. Matthew

  22. Mask

    Looks fun – they should make a hotel full of these, but with seperate toilets…

  23. Emma

    That would be cool in a zero gravity or manipulatable gravity environment. A new step in spaceship design!

  24. emmajane

    In the first picture, they show the outside of the house covered in logos of different companies. If I had a house like that, I wouldn’t want it to be decorated with white plastic and logos.

    Very cool otherwise! But not my type.

  25. Sedat Bayrak

    Is this confortable?

  26. Mimar Osman

    She’s rolling it with the laptop on the bed

  27. Giggles

    She’s using the exercise wheel section with the laptop on the bed, not “rolling it” with the laptop on the bed… would you guys at least READ the VERY short captions… *sigh*


    I think it’d be an awesome outdoor study room, but I don’t know about being a house… and they said there’s a sink, but how would you get running water??? Maybe a bladder compartment that rolls with the section??? LOL!

  28. mimar

    That would be cool in a zero gravity or manipulatable gravity environment. A new step in spaceship design!

  29. pitlord azgalor


  30. Mimari Proje

    What a great way to wake someone up!

  31. henk

    I hope you don’t live in the moutains

  32. Mimari Proje

    it is a great way for exciting life

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