14 Stylish and Creative Shoes

14 Stylish and Creative Shoes

Elegant fashion shoes and creative footwear designs from all over the world.

Mojito Shoes

Futuristic shoes with no foot plate designed by Julian Hakes.

Mojito Shoes

Up Shoes

Elegant leather shoes with high heels designed by Claudia Civilleri.

Up Shoes

Strapped Shoes

Amazing crystal spiked shoes designed by Lauren Tennenbaum.

Strapped Shoes

Banana Shoes

Slip-on leather shoes from talented footwear designer Kobi Levi.

Banana Shoes

Alice Shoes

Beautiful Alice in Wonderland inspired shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood.

Alice Shoes

Ultra Loop Shoes

United Nude’s elegant shoes with single foot-bed and stylish loop.

Ultra Loop Shoes

Keyboard Shoes

Geeky shoes from China created out of old QWERTY keyboard.

Keyboard Shoes

Fish Shoes

Creative shoes designed by French shoe designer Andre Perugia.

Fish Shoes

Shredded Shoes

Converse sneakers hand ripped to give them unique shredded look.

Shredded Shoes

All Saints Alia Shoes

Unique shoes with curved metal heel inspired by ice-skate blades. Not as comfortable as UGG Boots, but they do look cool.

All Saints Alia Shoes

Spring Shoes

Creative shoes with springs attached to the bottom of each shoe.

Spring Shoes

Cactus Shoes

Cactus Shoes

Meat Shoes

Lady Gaga wore shoes made out of meat at MTV Music Awards.

Meat Shoes

Alien Shoes

Shoes by Alexander McQueen were inspired by the movie Alien.

Alien Shoes

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  1. Bajo

    Meat shoes look awful

  2. BBQ

    Fish Shoes: I hope that the smell is just one option!

  3. Marlou

    Aww those are so awesome. I would totally kill to own the first pair.

  4. may

    I think the shredded converse are ok….even the keyboard they are kinda fun on a nice sunny weekend…..

  5. Anonymous :)

    @Bajo Jady GaGa IS wearing that pair
    watch out!
    (i’m just saying)

  6. michu

    loved the Mojito Shoes… i wonder, comfortable or not…

  7. sL

    meat shoes must smell pretty disgustingly…

  8. ME

    Awesome! i wonder where these people get such…interesting…ideas

  9. Julie

    these are beautiful except for the meant ones
    the last two have been worn by lady gaga

  10. ??

    dont play with your food… and altough i’m a 1st class carnivore i’d rather not wear freshly killed animals.

  11. vez

    lady gaga is such a douche

  12. Kirvi_Inci

    The banana shoes are definitely interesting. Can’t say I would wear them personally, but they are cool.

  13. Kirvi_Inci

    I would have to go home and take more showers than I would care to count after the meat outfit!

  14. Elliott

    Not to be a hater, but that really isn’t a QWERTY keyboard.

  15. Mapache

    14 stylish and creative shoes…
    When I saw this the only words came to mi mnd was “stylish” and “creative”

    (Sorry I have to be the guy with the meanie comments, toxel. I’ll try to be nicer.)

    And Gagalove.

  16. Cory


  17. k


  18. Larna

    Lady Gaga…watch out for PETA

  19. Aveline

    I so love the Alice in Wonderland and Alien shoes. But the best one is the Crystal Spikes one; it just has this look that’s stunning.

  20. Bojan

    Alien shoe awesome…

  21. Raads

    the shoes are just do damn ugly! the only one that i think is o.k, are the shredded shoes, and even those are kinda ugly..

  22. ssakriah

    These are amazing!!!

  23. cycarla

    love the alice shoes :)

  24. Atavar

    Some of these are amazing (Mojito and ultra loop) and some… Meat shoes? I hope they gave her food poisoning.

  25. Binc

    Lady Gaga shoes are NOT made out of REAL meat… they are FAKE but look real!!!
    She just loves to provoke and shock…

  26. Bajo

    @ anonymous, Lady GaGa is awful then :P

  27. Jaz

    love the shredded converse, the keyboard ones are kinda cool
    the rest are ridiculous..

  28. Jedi

    Love the mojito shoe but I would love to finally see a foot in it.. I’ve seen it last year already, but never ON somebody.

  29. @DigsRetro

    I would seriously love to shred a pair of converse like that. I think they’re sexy looking!

  30. Alex


  31. Rodiansinger

    Lady Gaga is real pretty and a great singer. It’s super sad that she thinks she has to shock and disgust people to keep their attention.

  32. timmay


  33. Cindy Auligny

    Love Mojito Shoes. They look so luxurious!

  34. Bogan_Bob

    alice shoes look great. anyone see a problem with wearing the cactus shoes and accidentally placing your foot wrongly.

  35. ALP

    Ouch, they look painful to wear!

  36. Rosary

    I vote for Alice Shoes(and a bit for Strapapped Shoes and Mojito Shoes).

  37. Stephanie

    HA I love the Alien shoes, and i want to banana shoes :)

  38. Phoenix

    alice shoes definitely caught my attention more than anything else in this article.

  39. Leia

    She had also worn a meat dress…
    She dos anything for attention *rolling eyes*

  40. Ellie and Ala

    The meat shoes make us feel sick.
    The banana shoes are awesome but we would never wear them. <3

  41. Sarah

    I actuallly kindaa like the converse ones; I wanna buyy ’em<3

  42. HannahJet

    the only ones i would wear are shredded, the others are stpid

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