Mirror House

Mirror House

Unusual building with reflective facade designed by MLRP architects.

Funhouse mirrors were attached to the walls and doors of playground pavilion in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Creative house encourages people to look into the mirror and play with reflection, perspective, and transformation.

Mirror Building

Mirrored House

Mirror House by MLRP

Mirror Facade

Mirror Wall

Wooden Windows

Mirror Windows

MLRP Mirror House

Mirrored Facade

Mirror House in Copenhagen

House of Mirrors

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    I like the mirrors and I think it’s a good transition between the landscape and building itself. But overall the playground pavilion looks a little scary. Kind of like the industrial buildings with no windows. I just don’t think the building looks inviting enough for people to want to go inside.

  2. flatsolid

    @Lilia Smiles: I agree. It is not inviting because it was conceived as a closed box. The mirror cladded, polished faces just enhance its vanity.

  3. DJ Finn

    How many dead birds do they find outside every morning?

  4. Post

    Imagine the entertainment if it was a one-way mirror. No television needed in that house.

  5. Raina

    Birds will kill themselves on that! They run into windows because they reflect the sky and trees, this is so much worse!

  6. Jesup


  7. kadal

    lols….you said a really great idea dude..i like that

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