Unusual and Creative Car Covers

Unusual and Creative Car Covers

Six fashion designers from different parts of the world were asked to create a series of couture car covers exclusively for the Intersection Magazine.

This post showcases their final car cover designs. Enjoy!

Richard James – London, UK

Creative Designer Car Covers

Bless – Berlin, Germany

Unusual Car Cover Designs

Ksubi – Sydney, Australia

Creative Car Cover Designs

Visvim – Tokyo, Japan

Beautiful Car Cover Designs

Adam Kimmel – New York, USA

Creative and Unusual Car Covers

Maison Martin Margiela – Paris, France

Car Covers from Fashion Designers

Creative Couture Car Covers

Intersection Couture Car Covers

Intersection Car Covers

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  1. sammi

    love it, mostly the poofy one with horns!

  2. Ehsan


  3. superdit

    nice one, but the Bless Berlin cover, seems too diffucult to use

  4. Vijay

    Good idea but I was hoping to see more creativity, there are lots of possibilities.

  5. Karin L. Stewart

    I don’t get it! I expected something more creative???

  6. Graydian

    i like the box. omg they should have put windows so you can drive in it :D

  7. MochiPu

    The one from Sydney looks like a coffin @____@

  8. delere

    Vismin – way to think in the box! ha! good one.
    Kimmel – way fun

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