Coffee Printer

Coffee Printer

Innovative coffee machines at “Let’s Cafe” stores in Taiwan print the faces of customers directly onto their coffee.

Detailed images are sprinkled onto the coffee. Latte art is created instantly.

Latte Art Machine

Lets Cafe Coffee Printer

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Coffee Art Machine

Lets Cafe Latte Printer


Latte Art Printer

Latte Printer

Coffee Art Printer

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  1. diego

    the future is here

  2. Barrie Hall

    I just want a good java.

  3. Gert

    LOL… someone thinks she’s Sailor V. :D 90’s anime joke ;)

  4. Jimbo

    I don’t want to see myself until after that first cupa. That picture would not be pretty. Pass

  5. jacklyn

    Kinda awesome.

  6. inan

    I an yours :)

  7. D"Haenens

    where i can order such amachine and printer

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