14 Unusual and Creative Slippers

14 Unusual and Creative Slippers

Collection of unusual and creative slippers that will allow you to walk around your house in style.

Bedside Rug Slippers

Cool bedside rug with porthole cut outs for your matching slippers.

Bedside Rug Slippers

LED Slippers

These creative night slippers allow you to easily move around dark areas without turning on any lights. [buy]

LED Slippers

SPA Slippers

Unique slippers designed by Ondřej Václavík for Imperial SPA Hotel.

SPA Slippers

Fish Slippers

These creative slippers were a part of Tolnaftate cream ad campaign.

Fish Slippers

Water Slippers

With a squish of your heel, water sucks into the duck, and another squish ejects the water in a stream of fun.

Water Slippers

Killer Rabbit Slippers

Monty Python Killer Rabbit slippers from ThinkGeek.

Killer Rabbit Slippers

Grass Slippers

Take a walk in the grass wherever you are in these creative slippers.

Grass Slippers

Sushi Slippers

Handmade sushi slippers make a cool gift for anyone who loves sushi.

Sushi Slippers

Rat Slippers

Unique slippers created for Tolnaftate cream advertisement campaign.

Rat Slippers

South Park Slippers

OMG they killed Kenny and made slippers out of him!

South Park Slippers

Mat Walk Slippers

Creative bathmat with build in slippers, great for keeping your feet clean and warm after a luxurious bath.

Mat Walk Slippers

Futuristic Slippers

These futuristic slippers are made from soft molded rubber that promises to stick to your feet even while you are chasing after a bus.

Futuristic Slippers

Homer Simpson Slippers

Adorable Homer slippers. Your foot fits inside Homer’s mouth. [buy]

Homer Simpson Slippers

Cleaning Slippers

Now you can dust your floors by simply walking across them. [buy]

Cleaning Slippers

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  1. Bluegrass Print

    LED slippers would be nice. i actually own the homer slippers.

  2. daddy

    the futuristic ones are sick!

  3. Rebekah

    I would love the LED or SPA slippers!

  4. mostafa

    LED ones are more creative and useful!

  5. arie

    I own the Killer Rabbit ones. They’re quite comfortable and take people by surprise. Not your average cute bunnies…

  6. Karin L. Stewart

    Great collection….BUT, I’m not sure I could personally wear the rat or fish slippers, tho. Great ideas!

  7. superdit

    Uh oh great collection, but not for rat slippers

  8. kookookk

    theyre called unuual slippers. they dont have to be nice ,they’re mice!

  9. Don

    LOVE the killer bunny ones =p

  10. Tanzanette

    Omg those are some really hilarious slippers!!! Fish slippers??? The sushi ones were AWESOME!!! As were the ones with grass =D

  11. Julie

    I LOVE those sushi ones! :D and my mum would make good use of the LED ones :D
    The rat ones are pure disgustin though!

  12. Nana

    Arrr, very cute!!! I LOVE the Simpson one (^.^)

  13. Trin

    I would love the cleaning slippers and the Grass slippers

  14. Kerem Bekman

    i love pretty mouse :)

  15. Dan

    Pretty sure the fish/rat slippers were just image manipulations

  16. itsbrandnew

    those rat slippers are GROSS!!!

  17. Anna

    Saw the Killer Rabbit ones and just ordered them! I have a stuffed killer rabbit and I think that’ll make a nice collection… lovin’ it!

  18. Sarah


    wouldn’t you slip when wearing the floor cleaning slippers? seems like the lack of grip and soft bottoms would lead to falling over.

  19. E-browse

    Wow.. very very creative. I like mouse slippers.. Funny. Where I can buy it?..

  20. Graydian

    haha i love the mat walk ones – i usually end up doin that with a normal mat when i dont want to get the floor wet. :)

  21. Jessica

    These are so great – I really want the spa slippers. Very creative.

  22. delere

    The Spa and Futuristic slippers look cool but I’m not convinced they are practical especially since flip flops are bad for your feet throwing one’s stride off among other problems.
    The rest are pretty boring, but the lighted slippers could be useful.

  23. AnotherLady

    Spa and cleaning slippers are cute. Grass slippers and futuristic are unusual and really attract attention.
    But mice slippers are disgusting, to my personal opinion. May be because i hate mice.

  24. Kaplang

    wow some of these are really strange and some a little scary…not sure how I would feel waking up next to those rat slipper eeek :)

  25. Large Shoes

    This is an awesome collection. Some are cute and adorable while some of them ugly lie rat one

  26. VickyDiva

    I hate rats but otherwise looks fun.

  27. AaronCampbell

    Grass flip flops are my fav. Please note that 4 of the list are referred to as FLIP-FLOPS, or THONGS (as we call them in the USA). Slippers are covered, typically for pre/post sleeping, and very rarely do they have a toe post in the middle. Just sayin.

  28. Dave

    The “Cleaning Slippers” remind me of the Rainbow Bright Movie. That movie was tight!

  29. M.

    “Oh, its just a harmless rabbit, what could it do?” *CHOMPOMNOMNOMNOMNOMN* They were selling killer rabbit slippers for about $50 at the gift shop when I went to see Spamalot. Instead, I opted for the $25 killer rabbit puppet. *OMNOMNOM*

  30. Robert C

    The rat slippers give me the creeps!

  31. 4MIN

    Rats are generally super, as the living :)

  32. liloo

    i have te rabbit ones from think geek… warm and nice

  33. Kimberly @ Fashion Blog

    Wow – Those are really neat!

    I especially like the grass slippers! LOL…

    Thanks for compiling all of these and sharing!

    Kimberly :)

  34. Goldee

    Great collection….BUT, I’m not sure I could personally wear the rat or fish slippers,OOOOk

  35. T L Wolf

    Hey, it’s those house shoes with headlights Bill Engvall loves so much.

  36. Rocking Kaps

    I want those Fish Slippers :)

  37. francisca

    I need several mat walks and hard wood slippers and carpet beside slippers

  38. Hamster

    I have had the LED ones for a couple years, and I LOVE them! I am night blind, and they have saved my shins many a time=P
    Other than that, I would love to have the rat ones and the duck/water squirting ones=)

  39. stephen

    i just got have me some of those

  40. anne

    Walk ‘n’ mop!

  41. LeelaBijou

    Really cool designs!

  42. Gina

    I really like the Walk ‘n’ Mop idea!

  43. blanchares


  44. Eva

    I have some really cool Boogie Man slippers, from The Nightmare Before Chirstmas. They’re sweet! The outsides are burlap.

  45. Meryl

    the rat 1ce were innovative but yucky !!!
    rest of them were like wow !!!!!!!


    some cool, some look so scary.

  47. Paola Juárez Favila

    Wow!!!!! this slippers are very creative i love them,all of them, very cool, amazing, funny etc… (love them very much)

  48. AZJohnB

    I had some cool Mallard Duck slippers for years until the dog took a liking to the beaks.

  49. nurse3414

    these were great…the fish and the rats were odd…I loves the practicality of the cleaning slips…walking and cleaning..yeah get it done all in one…once again
    Thanks Stumble

  50. gravos

    Nice, I didn’t know exactly what to do with my dead guinea pigs…

  51. Anabelle

    OMG the futuristic ones are awesome I would totally buy them

  52. Brd

    WalMart sells the cleaning slippers. Figures…

  53. gus

    i love the futuristic and the duck ones. is it weird that until now i thought the boogie man was a person from the 70’s who boogies? im going to make tesco sell the cleaning ones now XD

  54. Casey

    I’d definitely wear the LED slippers!

  55. Rose

    I thought of my grandma when I saw the LED slippers. They would be very useful for those who have trouble seeing and get up frequently at night. Very practical!!!

  56. Andy

    How could you leave out FREUDIAN SLIPPERS?

  57. Michelle

    I used to have a pair of Homer Simpson slippers that said “Doh!” when I walked :D. I need those cleaning slippers though.

  58. bayrakçı

    I would love the LED or SPA slippers!

  59. zackey

    haha, LED slippers!!!
    all u need are some god damn lights in your house and u’d be fine

  60. kjg

    me and my friends have the homer simpson ones ive even got the ones when u walk he says yum donuts

  61. emmajane

    I like the LED, SPA and the grass slippers. are the fish slippers made of real fish just for the photo?

  62. baraqbah nida

    i like the LED slippers,,,
    so nice

  63. duckiesneedoxygen

    where do you know to get the duck slippers.

  64. Jackie

    Cool I want the floor cleaning ones

  65. J

    now I really regret that I didn’t buy the Homer slipper when I saw them in walmart.. :(

  66. rekha

    wow. i like that mouse slipper. my friend very scared about mouse. so i want to gift her.. where i can buy that one…

  67. mariani

    BIG NO NO with the RAT slippers!!

  68. melanie

    in love with the lighting up slippers…have they been made??

  69. Michelle

    I used to have the one like Simpson but I had them in spongebob

  70. irene

    i can’t help myself laughing just by looking at those slippers. LOL! They’re cool and fantastic. Hope to wear one of those.

  71. ciara janis beach

    My boyfriend like weird stuff lol he really wants the rat slipper were do you buy them at?

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