Projectors Used to Decorate a Room

Projectors Used to Decorate a Room

3D projection makes it possible to instantly change the design of a living room.

Mr.Beam used three-dimensional mapping and two projectors to control the look of the furniture, wallpapers, and the carpet.

Just imagine seeing something like this at your local IKEA store…

White Living Room

Colorful Living Room

Living Room

Digital Living Room

Typography Living Room

Digital Room

Modern Living Room

For more uses of projectors, check out: 3D Projections on Buildings

  1. anonymous194

    This is amazing. We’d be able to see all the possibilities of a room with this. I wonder how much work it takes to actually map the lighting etc though.

  2. Nisa Zul

    i shall change my set-up everyday then… hhihihi

  3. Aaron

    I love the concept but its not very practical becuase you wouldn’t be able to move any of your furniture. Also projectors are usually noisy; especially if it requires two of them!

  4. jr

    this isnt new, michelle gondry had done this many times in movies and music videos. its still really cool, but unfortunately this isnt new.

  5. brittany

    this is incredible. no matter what anyone says… it’s still quite creative.

  6. jumanicus

    i can imagine this evolving into something comon in every household, so instead of buying furnature that u like and spending money, u can just download a template or something, i love it, id use it

  7. Jess

    So, if you’re sitting on the couch, will the lights be shining on you?? I don’t entirely understand how this works. Is it like classroom projectors that just shine the light onto the blank canvas?

  8. Prema

    I loved it – having different set up in the room day by day without having to change anything. am just wondering, if i had to go & sit on the sofa, would i have the reflections of the projector light on me?… that would be funny though (and odd).

  9. woops

    The idea is great! If only it looked this great in real life…

  10. Catherine

    That is very clever.

  11. resto

    What kind of projectors are they?
    with the standard bulb projector you will become blind in an hour

  12. chip

    This is meant to be a design, not real furniture. Please understand art.

  13. peppy

    So awesome. Jazzy tunes too!

  14. Stephanie W.

    This is such a neat concept! Totally changed the look of the room eh? It would definitely be interesting to see what the concept can evolve into.

  15. resto

    As a design, yes, this is awesome technically well made,but…

    Quote:’Just imagine seeing something like this at your local IKEA storeā€¦’

    No, I can’t imagine a real living room like this (as IKEA sells),I can imagine this in an art gallery

  16. Art of Concept

    Awesome art! Great creativity!

  17. ran

    OMG this is outstanding….love this idea so much

  18. pampalas

    really cool thing, but it brakes down as soon as some1 enters a room?

  19. Van

    this obviously wouldnt be used practically, but for purpose of being cool, its cool

  20. Shirley


  21. Koi Koi

    Innovative! Awesome!

  22. Luis

    Very Nice tool for people who work seelling spaces.


  23. James

    Its art people! Its cool and fun and neat! It makes look at and appreciate the time and planning and I think it is great!

    Its not for your living room.. CHRIST.

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