Adidas 2008 Beijing Olympics Ads

  1. zach raffensperger

    notice the collective tones in these ads, its the future of global brands

  2. nick

    a turn of the screw and, like the last ad, the “burden” of a one-party, censored state is lifted and reframed in capitalist terms; there are no contradictions in advertising, or capitalism

  3. mursya

    they made really great, touchy, inspiring and true advert.

  4. Krazd

    Adidas is gonna cash in big in the Chinese market

  5. Petrushka

    Ye gods, those look like illustrations for Dante’s Inferno. Especially the first and third ones.

  6. mike


    Adidas is gonna cash in big in the Chinese market”

    Adidas and Nike have shops in every city of China, and when I say shops I mean one every 5 mins in a car. They are everywhere.

  7. Jack

    Hooray conformity!

  8. Kevin

    Hooray for communism. Not.

  9. Josh

    These are gorgeous and inspiring advertisements. Thanks for sharing a campaign that I probably would never have seen otherwise.

  10. Jenny

    Wow, don’t know if Adidas thought about how exactly the adverts capture the image of the Chinese people as a faceless mass/gigantic human doormat?

  11. Nickoli

    Thats was kind of the point…

  12. braydo

    those ads are madd

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