Buddha Shaped Pears from China

Buddha Shaped Pears from China

Chinese farmer Hao Xianzhang has perfected the process of growing pears inside Buddha shaped plastic molds.

Each pear shaped like Buddha costs around 50 yuan ($7.32 USD).

Buddha Pears

Pears Shaped Like Buddha

Farmer Grows Buddha Pears

Pears Shaped Like Baby Buddha

Baby Buddha Shaped Pears

Farmer Grows Buddha Shaped Pears

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  1. Sarah


  2. Connor

    I would totally love to eat the head off of a pear-buddha… Yum!

  3. claudine

    OMG! I love this! So cute!!!

  4. sarah

    i hate pears…… but i want to eat it!

  5. Buddha

    Charging $7USD for a Buddha-shaped pear is asking for bad karma though…

  6. Karin Stewart

    Very unique idea! Perhaps a dragon next???

  7. Paul Sample

    wooow that’s great. I didn’t know it could be possible.

  8. Ding Yang

    2Buddha: yes, your are right – eating Buddha is a bad carma.
    But anyway it is a very nice idea. If produce pears of 5 elements’ shape according to chinese doctrines it will help people to get the best of the luck.

  9. Betty Cires

    Curious and creative idea! Love it.

  10. matt


  11. tech-mad

    very innovative idea that is sure to reap rich dividends and much fame for mr hao.

  12. Graydian

    how much is $7.32 in pounds?
    omg its sooo cute :D

  13. Here's your sign

    @Graydian: A simple google search returns: 7.32USD = 4.59GBP

  14. Alicia

    I think that a mold would be a good alternative to pesticides. and why not Buddha?

  15. Kristi Gilleland

    Those are really cute.

  16. Bob Klein

    Incredible! Hao did he do it?

  17. kenton larsen

    I don’t know if I’m hungrier for pears or Buddhism.

  18. Chad

    Now Buddha can become one with you!

  19. Eimantas

    That’s just like torturing geisha’s feet! Freedom to pears!!!

  20. Karen

    so cool. its just like this one episode of this asian cartoon about the monkey :D i think thats probably where he got inspiration… right?

  21. samine

    nice idea

  22. Juan Tejeda

    But what is the point of it if you are not going to eat it?

  23. hadis rostami


  24. alay

    simply amazing!
    would love to see these done with other molds!

  25. RC8e

    Buddha looks delicious

  26. ozii

    god bless photoshop…

  27. tony

    If you meet the buddha on the road, kill him.

    Or, just eat him, I suppose.
    Especially if he’s green and juicy.

  28. Haz


  29. Nat

    This is just so amazing… and such a reasonable price! I’d for sure buy a baby buddha-pear! Fabulous!

  30. Jean Valjean

    The pears are nice but I wonder if this guy knows that the real money is in patenting the molds and manufacturing them for export? I’d love to have a mold for my apple tree.

  31. Mara Durham

    Buddha pears,Buddha pears,does whatever a Buddha pear does,does it hang from a tree,yes, he does,in a mold,buddhaaaaaa,Buddha pear.

  32. Olivia

    That is just creepy

  33. Julie

    Want one, Where can i purchase a Buddha mould???

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