Power Nap Chair by Martin Tsankov

Power Nap Chair by Martin Tsankov

Comfortable sleeping chair ensures optimal body positioning for relaxation, reducing strain and discomfort during power naps.

The Power Nap Chair designed by Martin Tsankov is shaped to cradle users in an optimal rest position.

It features a large hood that ensures privacy by reducing light and noise.

Suitable for both open spaces and smaller offices, the power nap chair is made from sustainable materials.

Inspired by the need to combat sleep deprivation, the sleeping chair was created to make power napping accessible and socially acceptable.

Power Nap Chair’s innovative design combines a stable metal structure, upholstered wooden body, and a foldable hood.

The Power Nap Chair

The Chair provides a private, comfortable space for power napping, boosting your cognitive performance.

Nap Chair

Power Nap Chair’s cocoon-like design offers the perfect retreat for a short, rejuvenating sleep.

Martin Tsankov Power Nap Chair

Only 15-30 minutes of rest in this ergonomic chair can enhance memory and performance.

The Power Nap Chair by Martin Tsankov

Over 60% of adults suffer from sleep deprivation. The Power Nap Chair is an effective solution for quick, refreshing naps.

Power Nap Chair

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