Assassin’s Creed Jacket

Assassins Creed Jacket

Eye-catching jacket inspired by the outfit from Assassin’s Creed video game.

Custom made Kenway Jackets are designed and sold by Volante Design.

Each jacket comes with removable hood that will protect you from the elements and help you hide your identity.

Available in different colors, fabrics, and zipper styles.

Kenway Jacket

Assassins Creed Fashion

Assassins Creed Outfit

Volante Design

Assassin Jacket

Assassin Creed Jacket

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  1. AMA

    take my money!

  2. Saadieq

    Cooool! I want one!

  3. Dominic

    Take my money too!

  4. Max

    I would like this jacket presented in every day situations. Not in unrealistic badass poses, then again that’s what this is about. Anyway finding a matching pants & boots would be a bitch I guess.

  5. jimbo

    very cool…in leather even cooler.

  6. Douglas

    And don’t forget to keep your head down while wearing. To hide your identity and be badass and all. Really?

  7. DC

    Totally love it!!

  8. Brandon

    Take my money three!

  9. Jose

    Shut the fudge up and take my money D:<

  10. Shane

    make this now!

  11. Me

    I would wear this like… everywhere.

  12. Lyndon

    How do I get this? Please Reply

  13. ReCodez

    i’d like to order one with white and red color please?
    please make my dream comes true

  14. Pag-Ibig

    Red and white would be more better than blue..

    and please tell me… CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE ME ONE..?? TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY…

  15. jj lim

    can i order please!!.. and if possible will have a preview in white and red…

    and its so cool man!!.. keep it up!! want it so bad!

  16. Robbert

    Where to Order???

    Pls TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  17. Lars

    Where is the order button?! I NEED THIS RIGHT NOOOOOWWW! :O

  18. juan

    oaaahhhh please take my money too. where can i order ???

  19. jaws 32

    i’m prefer this one then ubiwork made(desmond jacket)

  20. "m"

    I saw this things coat and seriously 300$….well f!!k

  21. thomas

    need that like crazy!!!

  22. Alexander

    I need one… NOW!

  23. Vincent

    Omg !!! I want this thing !!! Give info back

  24. Emiel

    Hmmm…. now where’s my money?

  25. Joe

    it should be red not blue this’s so ugly colors

  26. ken

    I want one right now..

  27. Brent

    Whybisnt this a real thing yet?!?!?

  28. Fred

    Where can u get one?

  29. Ghaz

    shut up and take my money !

  30. Nick

    I want one!!!!

  31. Alexanderx

    hi my name is alex and i ll ask my father to make me one of this he is an tailor i hope he ll make exactly the same jacket ty

  32. mike

    True supporters here deserve a message when these are available.. U got out emails..!! Let me know plsssss!:D

  33. Ed

    Guys, the providers are in the description. Just check them out and make your enquiries. Toxel just shows the picture collections, they’re not a retailer.

  34. Dax

    @Max do you have a job or is putting a negative spin on everything your dream career?

  35. Max

    @Dax I’m just critical of what I see (including my own work), nothing more, that doesn’t mean I’m being negative. Besides it’s clear somebody needs to look at things from a different point of view, especially considering 90% of the replies in this topic just state ‘TAKE MY MONEY’. Consumerism at its best/worst.

  36. Arnav

    just TAKE MY MONEY (reasonably) & give it to me. Is it also available in black or other color?

  37. Snufkin

    before i clicked this i thought “who the f*** would wanna wear this?!”
    i mean i´m gamer too and everything but i guess it´s just not my style ;)

    and yes i would like to see some other colors too!

    about the concept, well done though :)

  38. Willy


  39. Alex

    Are you all stupid? Within 5 seconds I managed to find the link to the website that allows you to get information on how to order this.

    Its $320 USD email for an order form. Yes it has colour options.

  40. Mix


  41. Brony

    Right then… I know what I will be spending my next few paychecks on…

  42. daniel

    please!! how can i order one of this !!!!….

  43. Zoni

    take my money! i need one so badly!!

  44. Kripharl

    I don’t always spend much money on fashion, but this think deserves it! I would totally spend any amount on this, even if i don’t have money XD

  45. K. Rob

    how do i get on!!!

  46. Aaron

    When do these come out? How much? and when?

  47. Dominic H.

    I NEED ONE RIGHT NOW!!! This is way too cool, perfect for halloween or just those chilly october nights :D

  48. RemyBlas

    I want it. I want it so bad.

  49. Peter

    Wow! How can i order one of this?

  50. Dylan

    One step closer to being a shadow, were do I oder?

  51. Cory

    That looks really good, I want one a lot message me for the price, I would like to know.

  52. Jacinto

    How do i get one, and how much?

  53. JaSamLeo

    shut up and take my money

  54. John

    Please tell me when this becomes available for sale. I really want this.

  55. Ezio

    Take My money 900,879,265th….. Wait no…. Then I couldn’t get AC3……. Never mind

  56. Chelios

    shut up! and take my money!!!

  57. hiaru

    how a about one in purple and with ?? how do i get this jacket i really WOULD LIKE ONE !!!

  58. adam


  59. Tom

    I want one where can I get one

  60. Sam

    give me NOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!

  61. TheSithFuhrer

    I’m throwing my money at my computer but I am not receiving my item of destiny.

  62. Meinx7

    How can I order this???? I must have it! It must be mine!

  63. claudio

    i want one

  64. Proto

    Your going to get a Big sack of cash from this.

  65. Noah


  66. Noah

    I decided… If I can’t get one of these, I’ll explode the world.

  67. Booka

    Jesus just told me that you will send me one.

  68. Sarah

    I want one where do I go to order one !!!! :3

  69. lol

    i’ll have one made for me, gyahahahaha.
    my tailor is a genius.

  70. pierrick

    or can we have this item ….. and what is the price ?

  71. Gustavo

    Where i can find this jacket?

  72. Jeremy Braud

    Where can I get one of these! I would so where this like everyone, especially if I could get it in red.

  73. andre

    where can i get one of these

  74. lucas

    Custom made Kenway Jackets are designed and sold by VOLANTE DESIGN for everyone who doesn’t know how to read the top and btw its $345

  75. ssjoy

    Click the Volante Design link at the top to view and or order.

  76. Simon

    Shut up and take my florins!

  77. Max D

    shut up and take everything i own! and allso give me the information were to buy it!?

  78. dan

    so wait you mean its not for sale?

  79. Joshua Hendricks..

    Oh My god, the que for these is already huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. \(x_x)/. What if I had, MORE money?

  80. George Herrera

    How can I purchase this jacket?? i want this really bad! please get back to me with information

  81. Antonia

    Where can i buy this?? Plz plz plz answer!!

  82. mark

    whats the price, I want that JACKET!!!!!!!

  83. Timo

    What is the price ?? i would like to buy one .. TAKE my MONEY as WELL

  84. i want this

    where to get it i goin to pay 1000 dollars for this

  85. Malcolm

    Take my damn money

  86. christoph

    really now where can I get this

  87. Cadavre De La Noire

    Does it come in Black and Red?

  88. Aaron

    how much???

  89. Dollzee

    How can I place my order and how much??? Thanks.

  90. Rickard

    Need more info, i really want one ^^

  91. Rj

    I want one and pls send me one and I’ll pay $30-$50-$60

  92. kevin

    where do i sign up for one of these?

  93. mathieu

    stfu! and take my money…. NOW!!!!!!!!! :o

  94. talishka

    I want! How do i get one!?

  95. Trent

    I’ll take two myself!! This should be in production ASAP.

  96. Jerry Witt

    I want one IN RED!

  97. Will Taylor

    does it come in an X Large?

  98. Steve

    Needs to be a little longer, like a full length trench coat not a half, I’d like the back points to go further down my legs almost to my feet

  99. saif

    i want mine in medium size

  100. adeesh

    you people do know this jacket costs 345 dollars……………………..and the creator who made this jacket is not making anymore at this moment…but stores will be up soon………..and to get this original jacket is at volante designs or…………so good luck getting this one

  101. Ezio

    big fan. looks cool!

  102. Jak

    I only have one question… eh I might need to check the batman stuff anyway, “Does it come in black?”

  103. johnny

    Are you able too wash it in a regular washer and dryer machine?

  104. Jasta

    Where is the hidden blade?

  105. Matteus

    were can i get it

  106. Morrigan

    I keep throwing wads of cash at the screen but nothing’s happening >:

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