Coffee Cup Drawings

Coffee Cup Drawings

Using disposable foam coffee cups as his canvas, Cheeming Boey creates beautiful drawings with a permanent Sharpie pen.

Each drawing can take from hours to months to complete and, unlike regular flat art, coffee cup art circles around with no beginning or end.

Foam Coffee Cup Art

Coffee Cup Art

Cool Coffee Cup Drawings

Foam Cup Drawings

Foam Coffee Cup Drawings

Styrofoam Cup Drawings

Styrofoam Coffee Cup Drawings

Coffee Cup Drawing

Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art

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  1. Sarge

    Wow, they are really good…

    Can’t believe they’re made with a sharpie pen. They look printed!

    Wonder how long it would have taken to draw some of those. (video is a pretty good representation!)

    It just amazes me you can draw such great artwork without needing to use a pencil or something as a guide. So talented.


  2. brian

    Wow. Hours. Amazing.

    So let me get this straight. There are starving artists laboring for months if not years on exquisite canvasses, creating original artworks.

    But instead here we’re celebrating some schmuck who spends a few hours with a Sharpie and a styrofoam coffee cup?

  3. Cory

    I absolutely love the Daft Punk one, and the dog.


    These are always really cool!!

  5. gunneos

    brian: at least he’s good. now explain to me why pseudo authors like stephenie meyer are taking up shelf space at bookstores when there are hundreds of other more competent writers out there that didn’t decide to publish their wet dreams for the world to read.

  6. delere

    The world abounds with potential canvases. Very cool.

  7. Rahul - Web Guru

    Nice ones. But liked to see more colorful ones.

  8. arianne

    cool! i do this all the time! (or at least whenever i spot an empty styro cup) >;)

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