12 Unusual Modern Coffee Tables

12 Unusual Modern Coffee Tables

Collection of modern coffee tables and unusual table designs that will spice up any room in your house.

Paper Plane Coffee Table

Traditional A4 Paper Plane scaled up to coffee table proportions.

Paper Plane Coffee Table

Bookshelf Coffee Table

Cool coffee table equipped with compartments to store your books.

Bookshelf Coffee Table

Flower Coffee Table

Hana table by Shige Hasegawa consists of five interlocking legs that support the glass top without any nails or screws.

Flower Coffee Table

Hana Coffee Table

LED Coffee Table

Cool interactive coffee table has hundreds of LEDs in the top surface that respond to motion above the table.

LED Coffee Table

Fireplace Coffee Table

Completely portable, the stainless steel Vidro fireplace table requires only gelled ethanol fuel to burn a smokeless flame in your home.

Fireplace Coffee Table

Bone Coffee Table

Modern coffee table designed by Austrian designer Daniel Meise.

Bone Coffee Table

Xensa Coffee Table

Oliver Stott has designed with unique coffee table that can not only be used as a regular furniture, but also as a piece of art.

Xensa Coffee Table

Alien Coffee Table

Unique table hand crafted from used car parts and scrap metal.

Alien Coffee Table

Clio Coffee Table

Table glass top is suspended on two modern chrome bars.

Clio Coffee Table

Modern Coffee Table

This contemporary coffee table will be the highlight of any room.

Modern Coffee Table

Sleepy Lagoon Coffee Table

Modern table by Japanese designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka: A simple form with a double tray to store many items.

Sleepy Lagoon Coffee Table

F1 Ferrari Coffee Table

Scuderia Ferrari BBS Wheel Table is an authentic piece of F1 memorabilia. Created from BBS magnesium wheel with Goodyear tire used by Michael Schumacher’s fleet during the 1997 F1 season.

F1 Ferrari Coffee Table

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  1. fabian

    love the bone coffee table

  2. cz

    the Paper Plane Coffee Table is dangerous for kids, and imagine coffee spilled on the Bookshelf Coffee Table, it will be coffee books. Love the others!

  3. Megan

    Love the paper plane and fireplace coffee tables.

  4. simon

    the alien rocks

  5. RL Creative.com

    The led table is awesome :) I want this !!!!

  6. Tony

    Loving the flower table.
    Shame about the glass top though,
    But I don’t like any tables with glass tops.
    They make me uncomfortable.

  7. Hadi

    I love the Bone Table too. That’s just so hot ! :)

  8. Julie

    The LED one’s cool :)
    And the sleepy lagoon one’s smart

  9. Stefan

    surprise, surprise … no Star Wars table!
    Please post never again something refering to Star Wars.

    It is absolute nerd.

  10. oli

    I’m in the process of building the table to hold these motion reactive light: http://www.flickr.com/photos/oliwood/2143210219/

  11. FoxyBoxers

    i love all of these (mostly thye paper plane – im obsessed) but i really think the fireplace one would be dangeous for small children and drunk people.

  12. Fonda LaShay

    Thanks for the link-in!

  13. Manish Ahuja

    I find the flower coffee table the most aesthetic amongst all the innovative designs displayed here.

  14. John Coter

    The Racing tire and wheel is the absolute best. How much I wonder…?

  15. vivian

    so many ppl love bone table, but i like bookshelf coffee table.

  16. amaneh

    great job
    all of them is nice and unique but i love the flover coffe table
    thanx 4 all

  17. guy

    Is the tire and wheel table the equivalent of the “wagon wheel” table?

  18. Victor G.

    Maybe there should be a coffee table book ABOUT coffee tables!

    “And if you don’t have a coffee table at home…it TURNS into a coffee table!”

  19. wien

    the paper plane

  20. James Anzalone

    Alien coffee table..

    so with the design process used here I can take anything and add some poorly integrated supports for a glass surface and make a table..

    ..I mean I know that I can do that, and it would be functional as a table.. but a mostly likely ugly table.

  21. hic

    I adore flower fireplace and Led ones
    These are pertect . I need a coffee table that’s why I’m looking for them so I found this website. But I think these are so expensive so I can’t afford it.
    paper plane one is not simple to understand if you have a guest you need to explain and point out what the shape of your coffee table otherwise they can’t get it and I agree it is so dangerous for kids and all people as well

  22. jayanthi

    I absolutely love the LED one. I wish someone would make a puzzle piece one where the pieces could be moved magnetically. The boat one and the book one are classy too. I wish I had space for at least five of them.

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