River Tables

River Tables

Beautiful wooden tables with glass rivers designed and created by talented furniture maker Greg Klassen.

Unique tables for homes and offices handcrafted out of discarded wood.

Wooden River Tables

Wooden Table with Glass River

River Table

Lake Table

Greg Klassen River Tables

Wooden Tables with Glass Rivers

Greg Klassen

Furniture Maker Greg Klassen

Glass River Tables

Glass River Table

Wooden River Table

Greg Klassen River Table

Greg Klassen Tables

Greg Klassen Furniture

Greg Klassen Table

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  1. hosein

    What a good idea. Congratulations to the creator of this idea.

  2. Mike

    awesome! Who do you go to for the glass cutting?

  3. Arga A. Arifin

    brilliant mind was incredible … if you do a home industry? using laser engraving machine for glass decoration!

  4. kadal

    this is a brilliant idea, the glass cutting is absolutely amazing.

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