Creative Herbal Tea Packaging

Creative Herbal Tea Packaging

Cool tea packaging designed to associate herbal tea with a healthy lifestyle.

Creative cut-out images of people doing outdoor sports were attached to the strings of herbal tea bags at the House Café in Istanbul, Turkey.

The promotion was so successful that the House Cafe is considering selling Tea For Health at markets throughout the city.

Creative Tea Bag

Rock Climbing Tea Bags

The House Cafe

Bungee Jumping Tea Bags

Cool Tea Packaging

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  1. Snufkin

    yea, why not :)

    nice idea!

  2. jingpi

    nice idea! I like it!

  3. GustaveCo

    very interesting.

  4. Jaspal Singh

    very nice idea……

  5. Rachela

    It would be pretty scary if there was a hungman on my cup of tea :)



  7. delere


  8. Karin L.


  9. Handy

    nice idea! thanks

  10. Fuad

    :-D funny.

  11. Decent Comedy

    Should we call them “Tea Cup Climbers” as they are called “Mountain Climbers” when they climb mountains :D

  12. zy

    if there’s anyway we can buy the awesome tea bags??

  13. Febryod

    how can i get this,.,can i order

  14. Hung

    Nice, I like it!!!!!!

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