12 Unusual and Creative Hotels

12 Unusual and Creative Hotels

Collection of unusual and creative hotels that are committed to providing unforgettable experiences for its guests.

Floating Hotel in Sweden

At this hotel, guests can work and socialize in an inspiring environment, enjoy good food and drink, and then fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves. [more]

Floating Hotel in Sweden

Sand Hotel in United Kingdom

World’s first sand castle hotel at Weymouth beach in the seaside Town of Dorset in the UK.

Sand Hotel in United Kingdom

Jungle Hotel in Mexico

V-Houses, an amazing jungle retreat near the fishing village of Yelapa in tropical Mexico.

Jungle Hotel in Mexico

Jungle Hotel

Ice Hotel in Canada

Unique ice and snow hotel offers a distinctive and incomparable experience that disappears every spring.

Ice Hotel in Canada

Capsule Hotel in Japan

Modern hotel where the guest space is reduced in size to a modular plastic or fiberglass block, providing enough room to sleep.

Capsule Hotel in Japan

Survival Pod Hotel in Netherlands

The Capsule Hotel, which consists of oil rig survival pods, is located on a canal in Amsterdam.

Survival Pod Hotel in Netherlands

Cave Hotel in Turkey

Unusual hotel offers fabulous atmosphere in exotic setting.

Cave Hotel in Turkey

Airplane Hotel in Sweden

Now you can spend the night on-board a real jumbo jet… [more]

Airplane Hotel in Sweden

Treehouse Hotel in India

Eco-friendly jungle getaway located in the heart of Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Get ready for wonderful and amazing experiences.

Treehouse Hotel in India

Prison Hotel in Germany

Former German prison turned hotel offers guests a jailhouse experience, with a possibility of walking out whenever they like. [more]

Prison Hotel in Germany

Underwater Hotel in Fiji

World’s first undersea resort located on a private island in Fiji. Poseidon Resorts offers exciting adventures with luxury accommodation.

Underwater Hotel in Fiji

Drain Pipe Hotel in Austria

Cool hotel constructed from repurposed incredibly robust drain pipes. [more]

Drain Pipe Hotel in Austria

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  1. Joefrey

    This is awesome and unusual indeed!

  2. mostafa

    some of them are amazing, but not all.

  3. Anna

    Many of those i’d be far too frightened in to fall asleep, such as the underwater, and airplane hotel. The sand and ice hotels would both be horrible uncomfortable. The one in Japan is genious, I remember hearing about them from my friend’s father and thinking that they seemed rather efficient. The rest seem just, interesting.

  4. Ronit

    The salt hotel in Uyuni, Bolivia is also a good add for this post.

  5. Omer Rosenbaum

    Hi, you missed the Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden.

  6. itsbrandnew

    awesome! I want to go to the fiji one!!!

  7. Karin Stewart

    Boy, I wouldn’t mind staying at all of them! The creativity just has oozed out of the designers!

  8. Josiah from HotelDesign.nu

    I’ve seen a few of these before, but good collection. The underwater hotel in Fiji looks especially nice, but I’d also like to stay in the floating hotel…

  9. Carolyn

    The survival pod hotel looks like a morgue.

  10. Carolyn

    My bad, I meant the “Capsule Hotel” not survival pod. Got them mixed up.

  11. ichigo_chic

    the underwater hotel’s pretty cool… but i wonder what would happen if the fishes see you eating sushi?

  12. paintbot

    they should make houses underwater. i would honestly buy one.

  13. delere

    Inspiring use and reuse of spaces that may otherwise be trashed. Very nice indeed.

  14. ashley

    I saw the jail hotel in germany, there is a jail hostel in ottawa, canada that looks more like a jail, and the bars are still up etc. and staff play along with the theme

  15. Ed Hardy

    wow, i wish i can stay a night in the jungle hotel.

  16. Melody

    how unusual these are?! Some are very beautiful and some are just weird. I wouldn’t mind staying at a few of them.

  17. Sami

    Why on Earth would you want to stay in that capsule one? Or sand or ice for that matter?

  18. NaYa

    The Japanese capsule hotel reminds me of Neuromancer.

  19. sangwon

    i think under water hotel is pretty cool!!! i want to sleep there

  20. alay

    For some reason whenever i see creative buildings, I always ask myself if they would be good or suitable for say a zombie attack/end of the world doomsday/government take over type of deal…

  21. Rani

    ooh dear… its very nice!

  22. Nagashiko

    Very nice design concepts! I love them! =D

  23. jose

    i like the one that is shaped like a wiener

  24. MySelf_v1

    The Drain Pipes are the most impressing… i love them :D

  25. alian

    I love to go to the underwater one it looks amazing

  26. mickey mouse

    i love all of these!!!!!!!!!

  27. Lolli

    The Capsule Hotel in Japan looks like a morgue.. >.<

  28. rhoseann

    these are all cool..
    i love all of the above..
    LOLS :))

  29. John

    for the underwater hotel would you have to swim to shore? but very cool

  30. MacFreak

    Underwater in Fiji for me!

  31. Larna

    Cave hotel looks so exotic..yum!

  32. simphal

    The Drain Pipe Hotel seems to be very unique !

    Can’t imagine in case of the drain is rolling up !


  33. sepide

    i love all of these….but i think under water hotel is really cool!!!!!!

  34. Tammy

    I would stay in any one if I could afford it. I am game. Its so cool, I would of never thought of any of these ideals fo a hotel.

  35. :3

    I don’t get the sand hotel, because like, wouldn’t you get really uncomforatble?

  36. cath

    i pick the survival pod, it is the most unique of all :)

  37. Till B.

    ive seen the one in the netherlands :) its pretty small though

  38. LL

    In my opinion:
    The Floating Hotel in Sweden looks fun.
    The Ice Hotel in Canada is cold but cool.
    The Cave Hotel in Turkey looks amazing.
    The Airplane Hotel in Sweden is interesting.
    The Treehouse Hotel in India looks awesome.
    The Under Water Hotel In Fiji looks like a fun retreat
    The Drain Pipe Hotel in Austria reminds me of the Shire.
    The Sand Hotel in United Kingdom looks uncomfortable but could be fun.
    The Capsule Hotel in Japan is scary and seriously reminds of the Holocaust and Hitler.
    The Prison Hotel in Germany looks fun for creepy and weird people.

    All are unique ideas, some I really like, others I loath. It’s really up to ones personal tastes though=)

  39. jessica barr

    the pipe is a fantastic idea for the homeless everywhere brazil, china,usa,russia think look. help the homeless!

  40. Lyndisenia

    Capsule hotel=dog cages

  41. Elysia

    Please note: The capsule hotel in the Netherlands is in Den Haag, not Amsterdam!

  42. KYLEE


  43. Ghid Turistic

    Who needs a room when you only need the sleep and the fun? Vacation means relaxation and fun is part of it. I would rather take the Cave Hotel in Turkey instead of an ordinary room in some ghost hotel.

  44. Purple

    Cool as it is, I’m pretty sure I’d have nightmares in the underwater hotel…

  45. tt

    Underwater Hotel: DEEP. BLUE. SEA. !!!!!!!

  46. :)lover

    i am loving the underwater hotel , just think of having a honeymoon there <3

  47. girlygirl

    i love em all! imagine staying one morning, {not night because it would get waaaaaay creepy} in the under water hotel……

  48. reas


  49. Erin

    The underwater hotel I solo cool. However, I would hyperventilate inside. Plus I saw this in a magazine a few years ago it was not yet open, but the cost of the rooms per night were in the thousands.

  50. Katherine

    Wow, i love the underwater one!! and the jungle one. BUt i could just imagine a monkey flying in on top of someone!

  51. michael

    i would like to try tha one in fiji

  52. Rayne Black

    All of these look so neat. I love the underwater one best. I’m looking for possible honeymoon places. Maybe even just traveling ideas.

  53. Sam

    Good luck getting to the one in Fiji, it costs about $15,000 for a week stay. Per person.

  54. Meredith Duhamel

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not getting the prison concept. Ditto with the capsule hotel in Japan. You can probably rent yourself a place in a dog kennel for a lot cheaper!! Some of the others seem like they could be fun for a night or two, but are probably so far out of my price range that I won’t have to worry about any of this. I would like to try one of the tree house hotels someday. Oh, one last thought–who in God’s name sleeps well on a plane?! Again, not getting the concept! :;/)

  55. kylie

    those are super cool

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