Space Hotel

Space Hotel

Russian company Orbital Technologies is planning to open the world’s first space hotel in 2016.

– Innovative hotel will comfortably accommodate up to seven people.

Hotel in Space

– Four private cabins will be equipped with toilets and sealed showers.

Space Hotel Room

– Guests will have the option of sleeping in a horizontal or vertical bed.

Space Tourism

– The food will be regularly shipped from Earth on a Soyuz spaceship.

Space Room

Hotel in Space by Orbital Technologies

– Large circular windows will offer breathtaking views of our planet.

Commercial Space Station

Space Hotel by Orbital Technologies

Space Station

Russian Space Station

Orbital Technologies Commercial Space Station

Orbital Technologies

– Space tourists will have to undergo special training before their trip.

– Five day stay at the space hotel is expected to cost $1,000,000.

Orbital Technologies Space Hotel

Russian Space Hotel

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  1. Katie

    I approve of anything that gets people excited about space.

  2. M

    it’s awesome for the view
    but i don’t want to spent 1M for 5 day stay in that tiny room and how u gonna shower and restroom i remember see people just flowing and very hard to do that kind of things

  3. Lilia Smiles

    What is there to do for five days?

  4. Spectator

    “Dad I’m in Space.”

    “I’m Proud of you son!”

    “Dad, Are you space?”

    “Yes. Now we are a Family Again.”

  5. Dominic

    Not in our life time!

  6. Aerwhyn

    I can see this ending very badly….

  7. Rudy

    How and where does one sleep? I want visuals. They don’t depict the practical human image of comfort or leisure at all. The only thing they show is a guy pressing on ‘things’ with his finger on a wall.
    What is he even doing? Not a great job selling the hotel. That seems like not the first thing on their mind.

  8. Douglas

    Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

  9. Enrico Martinez

    (Joke :-)
    Q: Hey Buddy… where’s the toilet?

    A: It’s outside the main hatch, so it wouldn’t stink when you’re doing it.

  10. Libeerian

    Does it get cable?
    Where’s the mini-bar?

    I’d rather spend $179 at the Marriott in Niagara Falls than $1M for a 5-day space junket.

    (Unless you can sign up for a side excursion to a planet or something. That’d be cool.)

  11. Mark

    I would sooooo do this. Where do I sign up? Where do I get a million dollars too?

  12. Barrie G. Hall

    where is the equipment to work with so muscle atrophy doesn’t happen?

  13. Bill

    Might be fun. But you thought room service was ridiculously expensive _here_…

  14. Enrico Martinez

    Although you will pay-up first before you go inside the shuttle; don’t forget to pay again for your extended vacation, or the butler will kick you out of the space hotel.

  15. Midet

    “Guests will have the option of sleeping in a horizontal or vertical bed.”
    But if there is no gravity, why does it matter.
    Anyway, very cool.

  16. Me

    It’s 5 days. I hardly think anything bad could happen. The astronauts going to the moon never had workout equipement.

  17. Raniero Amati

    is room service available?

  18. Pedro Hazza


    the astronauts on the moon were only there for a few hours. five days could make a difference.

  19. Billy Mays Back From Heaven!

    @Libeerian -_- There probably won’t be any excursions to other planets since we’ve never set foot on any other planet (not even Mars, being the closest). We’ve only been to the moon. And they probably won’t just let you take a walk on the moon…
    Yeah, this doesn’t look like much of a vacation resort. I’m guessing it’ll never be used.. It would’ve been a lot cooler in the 80’s or something..

  20. yes please

    sign me up! screw the comfort/room service/bathroom/mini bar jokes. how do you even compare this to $179 room at the Marriott? you are in orbit! this is way cool.

    this would be the breakdown of my day:

    6am-7am breakfast/shooting food around the cabin
    7-9am looking out the windows
    9-10am trying to communicate with ET
    11-12pm playing bumper space man with other people
    12pm-12:30pm LUNCH/shooting food at other people

    12:30-2:30pm taking photographs
    2:30-3pm taking videos
    3-4pm trying to communicate with ET
    4-5pm more photographs
    6-7pm big dinner/conserving food this time because i wasted alot of it during breakfast/lunch
    8-10pm looking up Russian mail order brides/space groupies for when i land
    11-12am communicating with brides/groupies
    12-1 am taking orders of customized pictures from out of space
    1-3am filling custom picture orders
    3-4am counting my money
    5-6am nap time.

    REPEAT! notice only 1 hour of sleep each day because of 2 reasons. 1) it’s too expensive to sleep 2) things will be extra cool when you start (sorry for the pun) spacing out from lack of sleep.

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