Recycled Packaging Art

Recycled Packaging Art

Hand painted bottles and plastic packaging transformed into whimsical toys that look like adorable cartoon characters.

Recycled packaging art by talented American illustrator Eric Barclay.

Mustard Lion

Mustard Lion

Diet Coke Cans

Coca-Cola Can Art

Pomegranate Bottle

Pomegranate Bottle


Eric Barclay

Coca-Cola Bottle Elephant

Coca-Cola Bottle Art

Coffee Mates

Eric Barclay Recycled Packaging Art

Plastic Bottle Cat

Eric Barclay Packaging Painting

Nescafe Coffee Bottle Cat

Nescafe Coffee Bottle Art

Milk Bottle and a Light Bulb

Eric Barclay Packaging Art

Coca-Cola Santa Bottle

Coca-Cola Santa Bottle

Toilet Cleaner Rhino

Packaging Art

Sprite Panda

Sprite Panda

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  1. John

    This was a fun post. Good for a few smiles. (I especially liked the walrus in the cardigan, with his cup of coffee & doughnut.)

  2. aokiharu

    I loved all them!

  3. Swiper Fox


    Santa Claus Coke Bottle looks like a garden gnome.

    Milk Bottle & a Light Bulb… That’s an IDEA… Can you put wiring and a NEW BULB (and have one of its hands and its index finger pointed up) to make it looks like it got a NEW GREAT IDEA when lighted up?

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