14 Stylish Bathtubs for your Bathroom

14 Stylish Bathtubs for your Bathroom

Collection of beautiful modern bathtubs that will spice up your bathroom and help you relax after a long day of work.

Boat Bathtub

Unique boat shaped bathtub made by Dutch designer Wieki Somers.

Boat Bathtub

Vision Bathtub

Stylish luxury spa bathtub designed for modern bathrooms by Italian company Gruppo Treessee.

Vision Bathtub

Sci-Fi Bathtub

Circular shaped bathtub will calm you at the end of a long day.

Sci Fi Bathtub

Shoe Bathtub

Creative bathtub for shoe lovers designed by Massimiliano Della Monaca from Italy.

Shoe Bathtub

Infinity Bathtub

Elegant modern bathtub designed by Aleksander Mukomelov.

Infinity Bathtub

Glass Bathtub

Stylish bathtub made of high quality glass and stainless steel.

Glass Bathtub

Bookcase Bathtub

Antonio Lupi designed a bathtub that incorporates a generous bookcase for your bathroom reading.

Bookcase Bathtub

Sorrento Bathtub

Modern bathtub based on the traditional Japanese ofuro, designed for full immersion.

Sorrento Bathtub

Aquarium Bathtub

Unique modern bathtub comes with a stylish built-in aquarium.

Aquarium Bathtub

Egg Bathtub

Designed by Italian company Rexa, this bathtub features clean organic shape that will complement any modern bathroom.

Egg Bathtub

Le Cob Bathtub

Elegant handcrafted bathtub is supplied complete with overflow tray.

Le Cob Bathtub

Stone Bathtub

Oversized stone bathtub merges the ancient art of stone-cutting and the most modern technologies.

Stone Bathtub

Amalfi Bathtub

Stylish asymmetrical bathtub with unique shape which functions as an integrated head-rest.

Amalfi Bathtub

Square Bathtub

Symmetrical bathtub will look gorgeous in any modern setting.

Square Bathtub

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  1. MochiPu

    I like the Shoe Bathtub and Infinity looks so elegant and comfy XD

  2. gunneos

    i never understand designs like the bookcase bathtub. it reminds me of the bookcase coffee table. why would anyone in their right mind endanger their books by putting them near sources of water?

  3. Rob

    The square one looks terribly uncomfortable.

  4. kas

    really cool!(:
    especially the le Cob one;

  5. Pete

    That square one looks like a case of design over usability. No place to put your arms, and those corners can’t be good.

    The fishtank one: if those are goldfish (hard to tell since there’s coral in that blue (blue?) water) goldfish are dirty, and there are a bunch of them in there. Hope they made it easy to change the water once a week or more. It appears there’s room between the tub wall and the tank wall. If not, you’d be heating up that tank water with the hot tub water: not good. Neat idea, but not good for the fish.

    Some of the other tubs look great, especially the bookcase and infinity.

  6. Fons

    Sorrento, wonderful

  7. chazzzz

    I need them all ………

  8. joe

    Infinity & Amalfi looks nice to me.

  9. Betty Cires

    Love it! I want!

  10. txl kid

    the amalfi tub looks like she is pouring wine from the spout

  11. Den

    I like the Aquarium Bathtub, I’m sure it would be a really nice “diving” experience!

  12. Mask

    the Stone bathtub is beautiful..

  13. Karin L.

    I’m diggin the tubs!

  14. omats


  15. Tomulis

    … ye… everyone can find special for self… wonderful design. I like it.

  16. Karin L.

    Some great designs!

  17. sammi

    i like the scfi 1 and the see through bath tub the rest are ok

  18. Scott

    I’d be concerned for the fish in the aquarium bathtub, they have to be kept at pretty stable temperatures and filling up the tub with hot water then letting it cool down again could effect the aquarium water and probably wouldn’t be very good for the fish.

  19. Joseph

    Interesting post. We have been in our home 17 years, and I have been remodeling it all this while. I am now working on an elaborate home theater, then it’s on to a new kitchen. What I really want to do is something else, and it’s really a challenge, because our space is so limited. One of the things that has really helped me is the Internet, because there are so many extraordinary ideas out there these days. I think the kitchen is pretty locked in, because of the small size of it, but bathrooms, as it turns out, are really wide open. There are a TON of ideas for them, and I find new ones every day. Probably the hardest one in that department will be just deciding on something. What you’ve posted just gives me even more ideas to think about, but that’s OK too, I guess. Who knows? Maybe one find day I will come up with something really slick. At least I hope so!

  20. anna

    i feel sorry for the fish in the Aquarium Bathtub and how do you feed them?

  21. iKaymarra

    always wanted a creative place to defeat the evil monsters of dirt, i really like the almafi on.

  22. Caro


  23. Aubree(:

    these are awesome but they look uncomfortable o.o

  24. Martina Elore

    I like the shoe bath tub. It looks different and cool.

  25. Anonymous

    Cool. Do they have any jumbo-sized bathtubs for pregnant ladies? My sister just got married and I was going to buy her something for her new home but she’s 8 months into maternity.

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